King's Business - 1917-10



P r a y m C i r c l e

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I N response to a cabled invitation, writes George J. B. Davis, I have just returned to the United States after spending nearly three years working among soldiers and sailors in great Britain. The Bible and Gospel campaign with which I have been associated has been carried on by the Pocket Testament League in co-operation with the Y. M. C. A. The work has con­ sisted in visiting the various military camps and holding meetings with the men. Illus­ trated pocket Testaments were presented to those who would join the League and agree to carry the little Testanjents with them and to read one or more chapters daily; while the chief aim of the cam­ paign was to win the men to a definite decision for Christ. The League plan has appealed power­ fully to the British soldiers. Since the war began over 365,000 soldiers in the British Empire have been presented with Testaments and joined the league. Soon after the war began I had the privilege of going down to Salisbury Plain with Charles M. Alexander, general director of the League. We held meetings for six nights in the Y. M. C. A. marquees and started the campaign of Bible distribution and soul­ winning. Then the Y. M. C. A. camp leaders took it up, and in three months more than 10,000 soldiers joined the League and received Testaments; and more than 3,000 marked “A. C.” (“Accept Christ”) in the corner of their League cards, thus sig­ nifying their acceptance of Christ as their personal Saviour. For two years and five months I have been going up and down Scotland visiting the military camps; and during this period more than 65,000 soldiers have joined the League and received Testaments, and over

38,000 have marked “A. C.” on their League cards. In order that American soldiers may receive similar help from the movement, a strong business men’s committee has been organized for purchase and distribution of League Testaments to soldiers and sailors in the training camps in the United States; and for the conduct of a great evangelistic campaign among the men in co-operation with the Y. M. C. A. The chairman of the League War committee is Joseph M. Steele, who was chairman of the Billy Sunday campaign in Philadelphia. The president of the League in America is Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman; the chairman of the Executive committee, Charles M. Alexan­ der. The War Committee of the League has inaugurated a National prayer move­ ment composed of those who will agree to spend a few moments daily in prayer for the Bible and Gospel work of the League among the troops. This prayer union is known as the “Home Helpers Prayer Circle of the Pocket Testament League Campaign among the American Soldiers and Sailors.” Cards of membership are now being printed for free distribution to those who will pray daily for this object. It is suggested that ministers, Sunday school superintendents and Christian work­ ers of all kinds, send for a quantity of these cards, and seek to enroll their mem­ bers in this National prayer circle. They may be secured free of cost in any quantity desired, from Allan Suther­ land, General Secretary of the Pocket Tes­ tament League, 133 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. Please send for a quan­ tity and bring the matter before your Church or Sunday school or young peo­ ple’s or missionary organization.

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