King's Business - 1917-10


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T HE Ministerial Institute which was held at Montrose, Pa., July 9th to 27th. under the auspices of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, has closed its first session. For months past the Ministerial Institute has been a matter of expectation and antic­ ipation. We have planned for its suc­ cess and prayed that God would give us ministers, missionaries and evangelists in goodly numbers. We wondered what would be the fruits of our first labors in this new department of our Bible Institute Extension work. Now the Ministerial Institute is no longer a thing of prophecy, L.

but a fact of history. It has finished its first session. Surely God has abundantly blessed our labors. One hundred or more ministers, evangelists and missionaries were present during the three weeks’ ses­ sion. They came from different eastern States and from the entire surrounding country. They represented many denomi­ nations; one hundred or more of them pastors from rural and large city churches; evangelists well known and less known; missionaries from different parts of the world—over one hundred of them in attendance at the regular lectures each

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