King's Business - 1917-10



very strongly impressed by the systematic and scholarly way in which the work of instruction has been carried on. We go home with a greatly strengthened belief in the power of our matchless Word, the Bible, to explain itself.”—W. G. “During these days I have been here I have been impressed with three facts. l_M y need of a deeper consecration to God. 2—I have seen Christ as our Com­ ing King. 3—My need of more study of God’s Word.”—M. N. L. “My pleasure and gratitude for Montrose Bible Institute are inexpressible. My faith has taken new assurance in the Bible, as the Word of God; not as containing the Word of God. It has given me a more positive note for preaching. My Spiritual life has been quickened and I go back to my people with a fresh anointing of God.” —B. S. “The entire program of the eminent fac­ ulty has been a source of intense stimulus to Biblical research; a more careful prep­ aration of every pulpit message; an estab­ lished faith in the Word of God; a mighty inspiration to holy living and a humble service in the glorious Kingdom of the Master.”—T. S. M. A NEW LIGHT “The Word of God has a new light thrown upon it and I am going back to my work with a New Vision of Christ and what it means to preach the Gospel. I go back to my field with a deeper passion to see men saved, as well as to feed the Church of Chfist’N-^L. L. M. “The teaching has been so clear, definite i and scriptural that I go away with a much fuller knowledge of the Word of God, a greatly increased appetite for its study, and a more definite call to give myself to the work of a teacher of the Bible.”—J. E. W. “It has meant so much to our pastors to sit for three weeks under the teaching of such men as Drs. Torrey, Kyle, Thomas and Evans. I have heard many of our New York State men say they were going home with a vision of God’s Word, and I

ings have re-established tny faith, strength­ ened my confidence in the Gospel as “The Power of God unto Salvation, made me dissatisfied with past attainments, created in me a fresh passion for souls, placed within my reach the necessary equipment and opened to me a new perspective for service in the power of the Holy Spirit. H. K. “The Ministerial Institute has been a great blessing to me. It has been educa­ tional and inspirational. Dr. Torrey’s lec­ tures on Doctrine made the Person and Work of Christ very real, and his lectures on Personal Work have given a yearning for soul winning. Dr. Kyle has brought to me much new light on “The Grand Old Book.” Dr. Evans by teaching the Bible has given me a greater passion to read and master the Sacred Word. His masterly lectures on “How to Prepare Sermons” have been exceedingly helpful. Dr. Griffith- Thomas is a great teacher, and as I lis­ tened to him, my faith in things funda­ mental grew stronger. As a result of sit­ ting under these great teachers, I go back to my work better fitted in every way for Christian life and service.”—R. J. M. BROADER CONCEPTION “The Ministerial Institute has given me an enlarged conception of the greatness of the truths of the Bible and the work of preaching the Gospel. I feel that my work in the ministry will be strengthened and made more efficient because of my attend­ ance at the Institute.”—W. H. B. “My oym spiritual life has been enriched by the unfolding of the Word; my con­ fidence in the Bible as the’Word of God has been buttressed by the things taught at the Montrose Institute, and my purpose to be a more efficient workman for the King has been formed by my sharing in the rich blessings of the Institute under such teachers as 'Drs Torrey, Evans, Kyle and Griffith-Thomas, masters of the Word and Work of our Lord.”—A. E. C. “I am sure that all of us who have been privileged to sit in the classes of this Montrose Institute this year, have been

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