King's Business - 1917-10



am sure it will mean a ne\v ministry to many of bur churches. I am anxious that many more of our pastors shall attend this most inspiring and helpful conference another year.”—W. H. B. “I feel deeply that this Institute has had a place in God’s plan for my life, iri broader outlook and deeper conviction of the essen­ tial things of the Christian Ministry. It has given me a foundation of strong, solid, conservative Bible study that is bound to be permanent. It has given me a new grip on the great Doctrines of God’s Word, especially the Deity of JeSus Christ and the Atonement by His death, and made me see that these must be preached, more fre­ quently to my people. It has revealed the power of expository preaching, which helps greatly to solve for me the problem of routine It has given practical help in Homiletics that will never be fully esti­ mated in value. It has given a longing for steady, continued, persistent effort along lines of personal work in soul-winning. I am going away from the Institute with a new desire for prayer, an earnest purpose to live a thoroughly consecrated Christian life, a determination to know my Bible from beginning to end, and a fixed aim to make all my work center in the leading of souls to christ.”—W. G. “It has been a privilege of inestimable value to sit at the feet of Drs. Torrey, Evans, Kyle and Thomas, who have taught me how better to rightly divide the Word of Truth, and thus to ,be a workman of God that needeth not to be ashamed.”— H. G. M. TRUTH MADE CLEARER “The truth I have been trying to preach has been made clearer and emphasized and much new truth has been given me. The unity of teaching and spirit^ honor given the Bible and deep spiritual life manifested, especially in prayer, has impressed me deeply. I go home grateful to the Lord for this great privilege and feeling much better prepared to do the work to which my life is given.”—W. W S. “The Montrose Ministerial Institute has

sent me anew to the Bible and to my knees, and revivified and revitalized for me, both the Old Testament and the New. Its influ­ ence and helpfulness will be lasting.”—C. H. D. “I want to experss to you and through you to all your friends, who have had any part in giving the great blessing which I have received here at Montrose these last three weeks. I am sure I speak for all the one hundred and more pastors who have been feasting upon the bounties, temporal and spiritual, which you have provided day by day. No one ever will know the good done here at the Ministerial Institute, as all the men are going back to the field of service and waiting congregations with new knowledge of the Word, new enthusiasm, a new vision of Christ, and new determi­ nation to do more and better work for Christ. In fact, “Old things have passed away, all things have become new.” May God wonderfully bless you and Drs. Evans, Kyle and Thomas, and all who are back of you in making Montrose such a ‘Mount of Transfiguration’.”—L. E. F. “The Institute work has bee,n most inspir­ ing, instructive and suggestive. One thing impressed me greatly: The profound faith of the entire staff of instructors in the Bible in its entirety as the Word of God. Dr. Evans’s and Dr. Torrey’s work I am sure will constrain us to take time to make the best possible preparation for the pre­ sentation of God’s message, as you have emphasized the power of His truth so given.”—N. R. F. HELPED MINISTERS “The Montrose Ministerial Institute has met a great need in training the ministers for efficient service. I believe that I will look back upon it as an epoch in my min­ isterial career and I wish to thank you and those who made it possible for me to be present. The blessing has been of a two­ fold nature. First as to myself—the deep­ ening and strengthening of my faith in Jesus Christ, a stronger conviction of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, a bet­ ter appreciation of the physical and histor-

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