King's Business - 1917-10



ical setting of Revelation and also of the awaiting blessing of God upon His Word through the power of the Holy Spirit. Second as to future prospect for efficient service The possibility for a more efficient service has been increased four-fold. I feel the instruction given at the Conference has made plain and easy for me the Lord’s work.—J. N. M. “The Ministerial Institute will be looked upon as marking a ‘Red Letter D a / in my experience. In addition to the splendid influence and inspiration received from these mighty men of God, they have given me a new insight into the Word of God, and a new vision of the field of service, and opportunities of usefulness in the Mas­ ter’s service; and I feel that I am being sent out with a new set of tools, as it were, to do a greater work as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.”—J. C. M. “As the Institute closes, my heart is too full for any worthy expression of my won­ derful gain in knowledge and more earnest conviction of the absolute inspiration of the Bible as God’s own and only Book. Where fog and doubt were, the fair light 'Of consecrated scholarship has dawned. Drs. Kyle and Griffith-Thomas have adduced indisputable proof of the Old Tes­ tament’s divine accuracy. Under Drs. Tor- rey and Evans, Christ’s entire New Cov­ enant has thrilled me, word for word, as it could not before. I sincerely praise God for Montrose and my new vision.”—L. L. A. A GREAT PRIVILEGE “I consider it one of the greatest priv­ ileges of my life to have attended this Institute. I have been able to attend each class and each lecture on the program, and am only sorry to have them end; yet, I believe they shall not end, but mark only the beginning of a new epoch in my life, of more efficient service for Christ. I have been sadly in need of just the help I have received here, and words fail to express my gratitude or to give any ade­ quate idea of the help received. Eternity

alone will reveal the true results of this Institute.”—A. B. D. “God helping me I shall continue to ‘Preach the Word’ with greater earnestness, and be a soul winner”—T. J. W. “Through it I caught a new vision of the grace and glory of God, as manifested in Jesus Christ, like that which Thomas had when he exclaimed, “My Lord and My God,” and I realize more fully the proofs of the inspired Word as revealed by arch­ aeology, substantiated b science and main­ tained in the Christian life. Then also I was awakened to the wonderful powers which lie within man, awaiting his com­ mand to service, as we were taught the secret of developing these latest gifts. The influence and inspiration of these days can never pass away from life.”—M. I. V. “The Christian fellowship has been sweet indeed and the social intercourse with brother ministers most enjoyable; but I thank God most of all for the spiritual uplift and mental stimulus that has come through the course of lectures. The fac­ ulty’s emphasis of the great fundamentals of the faith, the seriousness and dignity of preaching and the inerrancy and historical reliability of the Word of God has con­ firmed my convictions, clarified my vision and sent me back to my field of labor with a firm resolve that by the help of.God I will be a man of prayer, a student of the Bible and a ‘good steward of the Mani­ fold grace of God’.”—C. S. T. A NEED SUPPLIED “The Institute fills a great need. Not only to men of Seminary training and of the Theological schools who cannot fail to receive a new birth and a firmer grip on the fundamentals of the Authority of the Scripture, the Deity of Christ, the fact of the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, so persistently and consistently taught here, by spirit-filled men, but so many like myself, who came into service when far too old to receive the necessary training, who feel and know their great need of definite and specific instruction along the very lines you so earnestly emphasize, to make them

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