King's Business - 1917-10



Theological School, considered the best of our denomination (the Baptist) and have made somewhat' of a study of the Bible, but I feel now that I really knew nothing about the Bible except in a most elementary way. I should say now, that the best Theological Seminary in the world to me, would be a series of just such Conferences as this one. ‘The Bible and How to Teach It’ has already changed my whole attitude toward the manner and method of doing the work of the ministry.”—C. E. M. “I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the good received at the Summer Institute. First of all I am glad that it did not mean a revo­ lution in my theology. By His grace He has enabled me to proclaim to the people He has given me to minister to, the precious truths for which Montrose stands. It surely was a mighty “bracer” to feel that God’s mighty men, for such our instructors were, preach and teach, the things we hold dearer than life itself. If I were to single out one thing above all others that the Institute did for me, it would be the truth concerning prayer. I see as never before that every sermon must be baptized in prayer in the study, if we ever hope to have it reach the hearts of men. As to my deep appreciation for all of this—well—there are experiences in every man’s life which do not yield to expression in mere words and this is one, therefore I shall endeavor to show my gratitude to Montrose and its promoters by a better and a more consecrated service to Him.”—R. T. K.

useful in a much larger measure than they could ever be without it. The Institute is not only a blessing to those who attend, but I am sure it is a great blessing to the people to whom we minister.”—W. W. W. “In expressing my appreciation of the Montrose Ministerial Institute I feel I am discharging a heavy debt. It is difficult to speak in a few words of impressions and influence that will be conserved in years of service, but to me the Ministerial Institute marks a new beginning in my career as a pastor and preacher. He indeed must be in bondage who, after hearing Dr. Torrey, could continue to turn his back upon the wealth of sermon material the Bible presents, and the possibilities of per­ sonal work. Or, who could go back to slovenly sermon preparation after hearing Dr. Evans show, day after day, the power of expository preaching. Dr. Kyle’s lec­ tures on Biblical.Archaeology came to us, almost, with the power of a new revelation. His course, together with Dr. Griffith- Thomas, who came la st week, has been the means of determining once for all where to stand concerning the higher criticism. As a result of these lectures I feel beneath my feet the solid rock of truth The Insti­ tute means to me a renewed commission in the Ministry of the Word.”—E. J. W. B. LEARNED MUCH “I shall never cease to thank God for the privilege I have had this year, through your courtesy, of attending the Ministerial Institute at Montrose. I have attended a

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