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Our Correspondence School By the Faculty of the BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES Instruction by correspondence long since ceased to be an experiment and took its well-earned place as a duly accredited method of education. If it lacks the personal touch of the class-room, it intensifies the originality and determ ination of the individ- uai student. A student may thus pursue his ordinary occupation while perfecting himself as a Christian worker.

Course 1.—Fundamental Doctrines of Christianity By R. A . TORREY, Dean of the Institute

is a careful study ^of w hat the upon the doctrine under discussion and Bible teaches on the Christian faith. The from them ascertain and formulate the method pursued is to bring together teaching of the Bible. This is the true every statem ent of Scripture bearing inductive method of study.

Course 2.—The Life and Teachings of Our Lord By R. A . TORREY, Dean of the Institute

This course presents a thorough study of the life and teachings of our Lord as recorded in the four Gospels, it consists of 140 studies. These studies cover prac-

tically every verse in the four Gospels. At ' the end of each tw enty lessons a series of questions on the whole section is sent to the student to be answered.

Course 3.—Through the Bible by Books and Chapters By JOHN H. HUNTER, Secretary of the Faculty « .??urs? carfics the student .through each chapter in each book analyzed A Bib^e, from Genesis to Revelation, special blank i s .furnished on which the eacn book being studied as a whole, and student records the result of his own study. Course 4.—Personal Evangelism and Practical Work By T. C. HORTON, Superintendent of the Institute business of every believer is to be

equip for the work of dealing with believ­ ers and unbelievers; second, to direct the student in the best methods of doing per­ sonal work; third, to give suggestions concerning the preparation for conduct of religious meetings.

qualified for service. The work of every believer is soul saving. It will therefore be the privilege of the instructor in this course: first, to put the student in touch with the Scripture best calculated to

Other Courses in Preparation TERMS : For Numbers 1, 2 and 3—$5.00 each. For Number 4—$3.00 SEND FOR PROSPECTUS

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