King's Business - 1917-10



gave him a Gospel of John, and a pamphlet, “Proofs of the Resurrection,” by Torrey, to read for himself. Then we took him with us to two of our shop meetings and there he was very much impressed with the work which we carry on, and with the young men that help us. Upon returning from the meeting he went home and we did not hear' from him for two weeks, but when he did come, he came like the blind man, that knew whereas he was blind, he NOW saw clearly. It was just the fulfilment of that old promise in John 7:1 7, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.” God always shows those who are willing to obey him and learn the truth. Notice also how it was the little things that were used of God to get the result. A little man T HE topic of the weather is not the most interesting, but out in the oil fields during the month just past it has been, at times, 111 degrees in thè shadé. How we shall appreciate cool weather again ! Looking over the field as a whole—the greaj number of men it seems impossible .to reach and touch, the attitude of the enemies of righteousness who are trying to sow false doctrine here and there, the many fellows who have nothing but what this poor world can give them; moving picture shows, cards and dancing ; the many people who are constantly passing away by accident or death; and the condition of the world in general “without God and without hope”—it is enough to break one’s heart. We often feel like the prophet in the 37th of Ezekiel, for truly in the oil fields

with a little tract, with the message of sal­ vation, and in a little while the man was saved. Don’t you think it pays to hand out tracts and speak to men about their souls ? It is just one continuous round of pleas­ ure te be in the work here for God. Men want the gospel here in the heart of the city as much as they do anywhere else, and we are here to give it to them. The work this past month has been encouraging, and why shouldn't it be with GOD ALMIGHTY behind us in it all ? The noonday meetings are coming along nicely and also the evening services. We would urge you one and all to share with us in this work, in whatever way you can. We can all pray for it. Remember it is the little things that count! it is a case of “verjr many and very dry” and one feels his own weakness. Truly “salvation is of the Lord.” Unless He works, all our efforts are utterly useless, and “no man can come except the Father draw him.” Only the night before last a dear fellow was under deep conviction, but could not get him to “take Christ.” Oh, how the flesh wants something to cleave to rather than Him. Have another appointment with him Thursday evening, and hope and pray that the Lord will give us joy in leading him to Himself. He said during the course of a conversation : “Think of the thousands of poor men out here who never even think of the Lord. All they do is to work twelve hours a day, week days and Sundays, and when they get their pay, go to the pool hall and gamble it away, of else to the saloon and drink it up.”

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By Frank J. Shelley

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