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the Bible—he had “got beyond that." No sooner do these young fellows fall in with the oil fields gang, than they begin to frequent saloons, gamble and the like. What a contrast to the children of God who are “kept by the power of God.” We are hoping that the Lord will enable us to do a good work this fall, when cool weather comes. We ought to have a phono­ graph with the very best Gospel songs, and also a stereopticon to get these men out where they can be reached with the Gos­ pel. Many of these men are good-hearted and easily influenced. We hope also to be able to get a Gospel tent and are dream­ ing of good times to come. May the Lord grant it for His dear Name’s sake. “Not unto us, but unto Thy Name, be all the glory.”

We do think of it all ¡the time, and many and many a time cry to the Lord and ask Him to make us a better soldier of the Cross. We do all that flesh will stand, walking sometimes thirty miles a day, talk­ ing to men in the rigs about their eternal interests, giving out Scriptural tracts and the Word of God. It is the vacation time of the universities, and wherever one goes he sees young students from Stanford and the University of California, working in the field, but it is sad to see so many nice appearing young fellows simply rank unbelievers. The writer was in the ’09 class of the U. S. C., and this has given an opening with many of them. One young man from Berkeley said he was a professing Christian before going to the University, but that now he was a student of Darwin and had to reject A NE woman objected to attending the Bible class, as she did not want to become a Christian until her children were grown. She wanted “to bring them up right,” and she did not think Christian peo­ ple disciplined their children. It was -a great joy afterward to see her in the class with her two lovely children, all reading from the same Bible. Another mother, ; who had bitterly opposed her daughter becoming a Christian, was converted and was later one of the officers of the class. A lad 16 years old, a guest of one of the members of a class, came with his hostess and received Jesus as his Savior. A member of one of the Bible classes came to the teacher one day with a shining face, because she had just won a soul. She had been visiting an unsaved sick lady, and one day felt very definitely led to go,

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Mrs. T. C. Horton, Supt.

and was able to tell the lady about the things she had been learning in class. Presently the lady said, “Well, when I get back home I am going to give myself to Him and see if I cannot get my husband also.” The worker replied, “But why wait till you go home; you may never get there; why not do it right now ?” Then she used the Word as we had been having it in the training lessons, and the woman came out clearly and happily into new life. They prayed together, and it was two happy peo­ ple; one that she had found the Lord, and another that she had been able to lead a soul to know Him. The constant lament of a man of sev­ enty-two, who received Christ in his sev­ enty-first year is, “If I’d only taken this step sixty years ago!” I never heard a Christian lament being saved too early in life, and yet the devil is telling our young

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