King's Business - 1917-10



ingathering of -souls. Let the praying friends continue to hold up this work in prayer and we shall reap if we faint not. Recently we learned of a Mexican set­ tlement at Harbor City, and it was our privilege to visit them. We'found a group of 20 men all gathered to listen to some music while three of the men played guitars and a violin. We then asked permission to sing for them, and they accompanied us while we sang, “Since Jesus came into my heart” in Spanish. Then a lot of the men joined in singing it, after which we gave them a message. When leaving they asked when we would return, and when told “next week” they said, “Not until then?” They told us we had been the first to preach there to them, and wished we would come oftener. Thus we find some hungry souls among the crowds who desire to know more about the truth as it is in Jesus.

that though heaven and earth may pass away, His word shall never fail, and in the consciousness of that promise we continue to sow the precious seed. In our visits to the camps we are con­ stantly meeting new men and women, and also daily adding to our growing list of new places so that now we have thirty places that we visit as often as possible. The number of the people varies in the different places, but ranges from 10 to 60 persons. After a two weeks’ vacation we have returned to the work with new vigor and enthusiasm and likewise find a new and growing interest and enquiring spirit on the part of many Mexicans, and are encouraged to believe that God is hearing and will answer the prayer of His people. In our recent visits the men have gathered voluntarily to listen to the message, and we believe it is a harbinger of a great

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By Loren S. Hanna

We are taking a general bird’s eye view of the entire Bible just now, and many of the men are earning Scofield Bibles by committing the names of the books to mem­ ory. If any of the readers of T he K ing ’ s B usiness wish to help this class by donat­ ing the cheapest Scofield Bibles, it will be a help to your representative.

Y OU did not hear from me last month. I was taking a vacation in the high Sierras. Rev. Carl Bassett of the Baptist Church in Richmond brought the men in San Quentin the messages: Last week one man professed an accept­ ance of the Lord Jesus Christ, and about fifteen men asked for prayers. Eight or ten men led in prayer and many gave splendid testimonies.

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