King's Business - 1917-10



and an unsatisfied longing. Men with eyes fixed on the speaker, their eyes filled with tears. May God help them to take Jesus now! The stores of the city, or I should say many of them, have closed their doors during the morning service. ' Two Jewish stores are among the number, and I under­ stand that one who was never known to attend a Christian service is attending these. Pray that nothing may hinder a real revival sweeping through this little city.” Arizona Missionary Albert C. Stewart, American S. S. Union Missionary, writes from Prescott, Ariz., as follows: “You may be interested in a part of my report for July. Miles traveled, 462; homes visited, 122; schools organized, 2; converts, 2. Monday afternoon I started to take a sixty-five mile ride across the" mountains on my wheel. I calculated it would take three days, considering grades, sand and heat. But the Lord provided a free auto ride, bicycle and all; and I had covered thirty miles of mesa, fourteen of mountain roads, and twenty miles of hills before ten o’clock that evening. He is graciously blessing me in many other ways, for which I am very grateful.”

at my journey’s end. Mr. F. is holding me here a few days to help in a tent meeting in the city of Toccoa. One ot the students here and myself are doing' some house to house visitation every afternoon, and then holding a half hour prayer meeting in one of the homes. Then we attend the evening service, help in the singing and personal work. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Smith have charge of the music. My future work is in North Carolina. I do not know fully what it will be yet, but expect to assist in tent meetings the remainder of the summer, and then I will be a kind of a ‘circuit rider,’ having three or four missions to care for, going from place to place, holding services, helping in the S. S. work, visiting among the people, having Bible classes. It seems as though I were not big enough for such a field, but my Father Who has helped me to do impossible things before can meet me again. There are hungry hearts here in Toccoa, and even the visitation work is not like that in Los Angeles, for the people ask you in and I am sure their hearts are more tender. As I sat on the platform last night, in the choir, and looked over the audience, my heart went out to them in great longing, for I saw faces of men and women that told of a Saviour unknown

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