King's Business - 1917-10

THE KING’S BUSINESS 869 a long fight before us. This triumph is unrealizable* in this dispensation. The present age is going to end according to the prophets in a perfect triumph of the most awful absolutism that the world has ever seen, the absolutism of the coming Kaiser (not the German Kaiser), the Anti-Christ. That will be beyond question “The most awful, ambitious and unprincipled autocracy'that has ever arisen to stay the wheels of progress and imperil Christian civilization.” For­ tunately we who have a living faith in Jesus Christ will not be here when that awful day comes. We will have been caught up to meet the Lord in the air. That autocracy will ultimately go down to utter and everlasting defeat, but it will not be through the armies of the United States, but through the coming of the King, the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Many of the hard working and poorly paid people of this country are being nauseated by the parade of self- sacrifice and economy on the part of spend-thrift and gluttonous society. The Ladiesf Home Journal for

A Sickening Parade.

July has an article headed “We Are on the Job, Mr. President !”•with a sub­ title “What the Ladies of American Society Are Doing to Conservé Food in Their Homes of Wealth and Fashion.” In it seventeen society ladies tell of the apparently remarkable economy they are practising, but after all their economy, they are living in a style of lavish expenditure far beyond the reach of the great mass of the people in this country to whom the President is making an appeal to practise more rigid economies. One woman writes, “When I have a guest, as a titled foreigner, (here she finds an opportunity to let society know that she entertained a titled foreigner recently, and the opportunity was seized) his presence makes no dif­ ference in the dinner served. The meal consists of a vegetable soup, plain fish, salad and a very simple desert. My husband and I recently took up with our foreman the problem of intensive food articles on our ranches, and I have mobolized cooks who will be discouraged in wasting food stuffs, that our .house­ keeper has to contend with.” Now what appears to this woman as a remark­ ably plain dinner and which she tells us is the one she serves whether she has guests or not, would be beyond the reach of the great majority of the working people in this country. Of course it is economy for her as compared with the gluttonous way in which the family have doubtless been living in the past, and yet to parade it as economy is exasperating to people who all their lives have to practise a far more rigid economy. Another well known society lady writes, “In my family we now have two course lunches and three course dinners. I feel it is due to give up the use of veal, suckling pig (what tremendous self- sacrifice) and spring lamb, and to use the grown animals, thus saving tons of meat for our allies abroad (one wonders how many tons of meat they have been using in their family heretofore) and for our own use when necessary. I am not serving small chickens for food, but using the larger fowls, this not only effects a gain in pounds of food but increases the egg supply as well.” One wonders how many chickens they use in this family per week. To the poor, chickens are a luxury, indulged in perhaps on Thanksgiving and Christ­ mas day. This woman goes on to say, “The larger fowls, when properly cooked, are tender and appetising.” Doubtless they are. Many of the poor

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