King's Business - 1917-10



Did they faithfully discharge it? vs. 33, 34. PRACTICAL POINTS (1) Do not seek afflictions. God will per­ mit them in due season. (2) When you start for God’s country, take the little ones and all your sub­ stance.' (3) Before you cross the border, seek “of Him” the straight way. (4) Let your walk agree with your talk. (5) Myriads of professors ought to be “ashamed” of themselves. (6) There is an enemy in the way that soldiers and horsemen cannot over­ come. (7) God’s hand is for some, but His face is against others. (8) If you are in God’s way, His angels are your body guard (Matt. 26:53). (9) All the saints are holy, and all the holy are saints. (10) When the hand of our God is upon us, the hand of the foe cannot get us.

What did that house stand for? Eph. 5:32. Was anything more precious than gold and silver expended on it? 1 Pet. 1:18, 19. What most important article was of brass? Ex. 27:1-6. What wonderful things did Hiram make of this precious material? 1 Kings 7:13-39. ( 4 ) Ezra Charges the Trustees of the Treasure, v. 29. What made a man or a thing holy? Ex. 30:30. Who gave all this free will offering? v. 25. What did the King specify as to the use of the money? 7:17. Were the offerings to be made for the King and his people ? 7 :23. Was that typically justified in relation to Christ’s offering? 1 John 4:10. Why did he charge them to watch? Lu. 12:39. Did those trustees accept the trust? v. 30.

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