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given by translating, “I consider that I also have the Spirit of God” (just as well as other teachers who claim inspiration, see R. V.)- While Paul here to some extent advises a widow against a second marriage, elsewhere, bearing in mind human nature as it is, he advises that a young widow marry (1 Tim. 5:11-14). Not to marry again is an ideal to which many cannot attain and if they attempt it, they will simply get into trouble (v. 9). Saturday, October 27 . I Corinthians 8 : 1 - 7 . Another question has come up in Cor­ inth. It was regarding eating meats that had been offered to idols. Those portions of the flesh of the victim (presented to idols) that had not been offered upon the altaiy were not only eaten at feasts and in private homes, but were offered for sale in the market places. So Christians were in considerable danger of having set before them meat that had been thus contaminated. Now a rightly instructed Christian would know “an idol is nothing in the world” and that, therefore, the meat offered to an idol was not, in itself, any different from what it would be if it had not thus been offered, and that therefore, it might be eaten with impunity. But there would be those who, having been brought up in idolatry, would have their old notions still clinging to them and would inevitably eat of a thing sacri­ ficed to an idol and then they would be defiled. Therefore, it was well for all to abstain from all meats offered to idols: the weak for their own sake, the strong for the sake of the weak (cf. Acts 15:19, 20; ch. 21:25; Num. 25:2; Ps. 106:28). Some were inclined to boast of their knowledge and say, “I am not going to be bound by any such ignorant scruples. I know an idol is nothing in the world, and I can eat there­ fore when I please.” So Paul utters these deeply significant words, “Knowledge puff- eth up, but love buildeth up.” We must not be governed, then, merely by our knowl­ edge, which makes us proud, but much more by love which makes us humble and con­ siderate of others and very like to God. And

as for our boasted knowledge “If any man thinketh th a t he knoweth anything, he knoweth not yet as he ought to know.” Our boasted knowledge is only partial and noth­ ing to boast of. How foolish then, to exalt ourselves above others and separate from others because of. our superior knowledge. But while we know only very imperfectly, if we love God, He knows us, and that is infinitely more important (cf. 2 Tim. 2:19; John 10:27-29). All things are of (liter­ ally, out of) God; that is, they derive their existence from Him, and we (on our part) are “unto Him.” He is the end for whom and for whose glory believers live (cf. Col. 1:16; R. V. where all are created “unto” Christ, and Heb. 2:10; Rom. 11:36). There is but one Lord Jesus Christ and all things are through Him and we through Him. Sunday, October 28 . I Corinthians 8 : 8 - 11 . It is a very easy matter for us to use our liberty that comes through knowledge in such a way as to injure someone who through lack of knowledge has a weak conscience. One might eat meat that had been offered to an idol, and, he, knowing that an idol was “nothing in the world” would not eat it as offered to an idol, and so he would suffer no harm; but someone else who had not this same knowledge about idols might be emboldened by his example to also eat, and thus be brought under con­ demnation. So we must be governed in our actions, not only by their effect upon our­ selves, but also by their possible effect upon others. Otherwise, while we are ‘strong and suffer no harm ourselves, the weak brother may perish through our knowledge and lib­ erty, or rather through our not exercising bur knowledge and liberty “in love". This principle has many applications. It applies to the use of intoxicating liquors, it applies to card playing, theatre going, dancing, Sab­ bath keeping and many other things. The question is not only, what is safe for me, but what is safe for other people the weak brother for whom Christ died.” Let us never forget, that however weak the brother

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