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The Training Room Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

Your rotator cuff is comprised of the muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder joint. Sometimes, the rotator cuff can become torn or injured, due to repetitive overhead motions performed in sports (such as tennis) or jobs (such as carpentry.) Athletes are also at risk of developing a rotator cuff injury if they participate in rigorous activities, such as weight-lifting, swimming, or tennis. The active movements associated with sports and laborious work are undoubtedly important factors to keep in mind; however, passive movements can also be contributing factors to an injury. Continuous poor posture and improper positioning of the shoulders can make your scapula, or shoulder blade, much more vulnerable to pain and rotator cuff injuries.  Those who experience rotator cuff injuries or “torn shoulders” generally report a dull ache deep in their shoulder, armweakness, difficulty reaching behind their back, and disturbed sleep due to pain. At The Training Room, our natural and non-invasive methods can help relieve from Rotator Cuff Injury

your shoulder pain and heal your rotator cuff injury. How Can Physical Therapy Help a Rotator Cuff Injury? While rotator cuff injuries sometimes require surgery if they are severe enough, there are several cases where physical therapy treatments can work just as well (if not better) than surgery. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “A recent study from Finland asserts that when it comes to treatment of non-traumatic rotator cuff tears, physical therapy alone produces results equal to those produced by arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair.” In this same study, a follow-up on 167 patients receiving physical therapy alone for their

rotator cuff injuries, demonstrated that conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, should be considered as the primary treatment for this condition. How Do I Know If Physical Therapy Is Needed? It is natural to experience an occasional ache or pain fromoverexertion. However, it is when the pain becomes chronic or unbearable that the condition becomes serious. Chronic pain, or pain persisting forthreemonthsor longer, isan indication that PT intervention is needed. There are some additional symptoms to consider that may also be telling signs that treatment is needed, such as: • Sharp or stinging pains. • Uncomfortable “clicking” sounds with movement. (Continued inside)

(Continued from outside) • Dull pain that runs alongside your arm. • Sudden arm weakness.  If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to contact a physical therapist for treatment. At The Training Room, we will conduct a physical evaluation and diagnostic tests to determine if you do indeed have a rotator cuff injury, and we will design a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of your diagnosis. Specialized manual therapies may be used to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and enhance Quick Recovery from Rotator Cuff Injury How Can I Begin Treatments?


function. Gentle stretches and strengthening exercises may also be prescribed to improve your posture and the range of motion of your shoulder.  If you are suffering from a rotator cuff injury, contact us today. Our dedicated physical therapists will provide you with some much-needed relief and get you started on your path toward recovery! Source: NewsNow/2014/3/12/RotatorCuffTears/?bl ogid=10737418615

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Carry

The kettlebell bottoms up carry is a great way to actively recruit the rotator cuff muscles and the muscles stabilizing the shoulder blades. With the weight upside down, we create a greater challenge for the stabilizing muscles. When you do this exercise, try to keep a 90-degree angle with your arm— elbow in line with shoulder, wrist in line with elbow— and keep a tall, upright posture.

What not to feel: -Pain in the Front of the Shoulder -Low Back Pain

New Exercise Class at TTR Performance: FUNCTIONAL FITNESS

Functional Fitness is specifically for the mature adult population whose primary goals are... • Keeping up with their families. • Being able to travel often and without pain. • Gaining strength and improving bone health. • Having more energy. • Improving balance and flexibility. • Reducing the natural risk of ailments (arthritis, osteoporosis,

joint pain...) that impact all of us as we age. The class will focus on strength, mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and functional movement patterns such as squatting and reaching. The class is available every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am at our Cherry Hill location. Call 856-874-9700 today to schedule your Free Trial or to learn more.

QUIZ PHYSICAL THERAPY Find Out If Your Shoulder Needs Physical Therapy Are you able to lift your arm over your head? Does it hurt to lift your arm over your head? Yes No

Does it hurt to put on your belt, your clothes or to put your hand in your back pocket?



Are you having pain with pushing or pulling objects? No

Do you have pain with any of the following: • Sleeping • Self care

• Closing the car door • Reaching for objects overhead

Yes Is shoulder pain keeping you from exercising, from traveling, from spending time with family or friends?

Does it hurt with your fitness routine? No Yes




Physical Therapy Is For You! Our skilled physical therapists are here to evaluate your symptoms and provide comprehensive treatment for your shoulder pain. If you are ready to get back to the things you love to do with no shoulder pain, call us today at 856-874-1166 .

Please accept our invitation for a FREE SCREEN and let our physical therapists guide you to pain–free activity. Call us today at 856-874-1166 to schedule.

Come and train with us so we can help you achieve your fitness goals. Call us today at 856-874-9700 to learn more.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS You’re invited to our Free Complimentary Workshops! Do you or a loved one suffer from shoulder pain? Do you have pain when you reach overhead or behind your back? Are you noticing a change in balance and are looking to learn ways to prevent future falls?

If Your Answer is “Yes” to Any of These Questions, You Should Come to One of Our FREE Workshops! To register, call our Cherry Hill (856-874-1166) or Haddonfield (856-616-8000) locations today! Weonlyhave20seatsavailablefor eacheventduetothe interactivenatureofourworkshops,soregisternow!

March 19th | Cherry Hill Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain

March 24th | Haddonfield Balance & Falls

March 17 | Haddonfield Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain

Thursday, April 2 nd Spring is Here! Start the Season Fresh with a Free Exam!

We are offering a day of completely Free Exams for: • All past clients who have not been seen in PT in the past 2 months. • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated. • All loved ones, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers of our past and present clients.

Each FREE EXAM will consist of a 30-minute one-on-one appointmentwithoneofourphysicaltherapists.Thetherapist will talk with you about the history of your problem.They will take measurements to see how well you are moving and to test your strength. After a thorough exam, we will give you a written plan of care, outlining:

1. The cause of your pain or problem. 2. A plan for successful treatment.

The Free Exam is Ideal for People Suffering with: • Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

• Neck Pain & Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain

• Ankle Pain • Difficulty/Pain with Exercise • Limitation in Activity Level

• Arthritis • Hip Pain

If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down steps, getting in and out of the car, sleeping AND/OR you are having pain with exercise such as running, biking, weight lifting, fitness classes, or swimming, then this is an excellent opportunity to see our staff and find out the cause of your problem. Experiencing a problem not listed above? Call us to find out how we can be of assistance!

If you are a past or present patient, call the specific location you would like to schedule your Free Exam. If you are referring a friend or family member, just give them the certificate included in this letter and have them call to schedule their Free Exam. Appointments are FREE but spots are limited to 20 per location. Call Now to Schedule Your Free Exam! HADDONFIELD 856-616-8000 CHERRY HILL 856-874-1166

WASHINGTON TWP. 856-582-3400


for PRESENT AND PAST PATIENTS! Thursday, April 2nd

Spring Is Here! Start the Season Fresh with a Free Exam! Free Exams are for: • All patients who have not seen a PT in the past 2 months. • All present patients who have another problem not currently being treated. • All loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of our past and present patients. The Free Exam is Ideal for People Suffering with: Free Exam Certificate Start the Season Fresh!

• Lower Back Pain & Sciatica • Arthritis • Hip Pain

• Neck Pain & Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain

• Ankle Pain • Difficulty/Pain with Exercise • Limitation in Activity Level


Call the Specific Location You Would Like to Schedule Your Exam: Appointments are FREE but spots are limited to 20 per location.

HADDONFIELD 856-616-8000 320 N. Haddon Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 08033

CHERRY HILL 856-874-1166 2005 Route 70 East Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

WASHINGTON TWP. 856-582-3400 475 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd. Sewell, NJ 08080

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