Zionsville: October Is National Physical Therapy Month

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October 2017

Dear ZPT friends and family,


GreetingsandhappyOctober! This is my FAVORITE time of year, with the beautiful fall colors, change of seasons and the anticipation of the holiday season! It is such a perfect time of year to get outandwalkorbikeand take

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advantage of the cooler weather.That said, the fallen leaves….can we all just agree to leave them on the ground for mulch this year? (haha)Take care of your backs and arms with the fall planting and raking. Give us a call if you want to get in for a “tune-up”. As you might remember from earlier letters, my son, Nate, and his wife, Jenn, recently travelled into Canada and hiked several breathtaking paths. One took them up to a glorious high point, which, as they described, was difficult climbing and rugged hiking.

At one point they reported wanting to turn and go back, but could see that, perhaps just over this next rise, they would see their peak. Alas, no, it wasn’t. Then again, and again, until they had spent most of the energy for the day trip. Up again and … Hello, peak! It was WORTH the challenge and effort, the sweat and discomfort and work! (I am including a photo which “does not do it justice”). Isn’t life like that sometimes. We see our goal, in our mind, and part of the path and how to get there. Then we climb and work, day after day, toward that goal, and…disappointment comes. Perhaps a failure or set-back or injury. Then we get up, brush off, and climb some more. Time after time until we finally reach our peak, our goal!! It was worth it! All the hard work… graduation, a work accomplishment, getting stronger, losing some weight. We all have various aspirations and various challenges. Whether big mountains or little Indiana hills, we can encourage one another to push on, hike on, climb up.

Patient Success SPOTLIGHT "I injured my lower back playing basketball and could barely move. I could not lift or exercise and had pain when sitting at work. Within a few weeks Katie and Marissa had me back to100%. Iwouldhighly recommend the care team at ZPT.” - John H. Back to 100%!

Your fellow traveler, Elaine


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