"Pause, Teachers, and sit you down On some stone bench where green vines grow In an everlasting June of memories. Look you back and smile and know These days are gone forever, Yet haunt the leaves of the ELMS."

• ~ • Annette Cinn

o PYRIGHT -1938 by OSCAR CHAZEN-Editor-in-chief ROBERT HELSTROM-Business Manager for the senior class of

state teachers college at buffalo, new york published by wm. j. keller, inc.






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Life rushes forward in a mad race with Time That leaves us ever breathless. Day adds on to day so quickly




That each brief moment of joy and sorrow Is covered up before we can fully appreciate, Understand, and enjoy it. Especially College Days-"too soon gone". This year will go down in the Memory Books of some As the year of the Recession. To oUlers it was Coronation year With all that it implies. And others still will think of war·torn Spain and China When 1937 and '38 are called to mind. But for ns, let it be remembered as a College Year. For although we, as teachers, must be constantly aware OJ the ever.changing, ever~resdess World Let ns find ourselves turning back the pages to this coUege year, To hold a brief communion with the past. Memory is an elusilJe thing, and when in retrospect We try to point with pride to prizes won and H quaint deeds" done, Those things will best be recalled to us which we have recorded In the plastic period of our lives. May THE ELMS be the Marker for this Milestone. The Editor


Dr. Hermann Cooper, Assistant Commissioner for Teacher Educa– tion and Certification, we dedicate this volume of the "ELMS". We of State Teachers College at Buffalo extend a hand across thc State, in recognition and apprecia– tion of his part in our new curric– ulum. May his desire for the consummation of the "teaching personality", of which he himself

Gertrude M. Bacon, who contrib– uted more than fifty years of service to our college •.. The loyalty that she displayed cannot be duplicated by her successors-it can only be aspired to! In her passing we have lost a great teacher, one whose life was in her work, and who felt and radiated an unsurpassed devotion to Buffalo State Normal School and to Buffalo State Teachers College.


Dr. Rockwell Clock Tower Machine Shop

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BAS RELIEFS The four views and also the Ex Libris and title page photographs are results of trick photography which gives well-known subjects a slightly different perspective by produei~g the effect of their having been cast in bas-relief forln either of metal or of stone. The photographer, Debus and Luedeke, has attempted to use a slightly different technique with each so as to fit the subject in the most subtle way.




"I sec from my house by the side of the road, By the side of the highway of life, The lllen who press with ardour of hope, The men who arc fain with· the strife. But I turn not away from their sIlliles nor their tears, Both parts of an infinite plan, Let Ine live in my house by the side of the road, And be a friend t.o man. • .. S. W. Foss


"Lights gleam up in the tower, Chimes ring, ii is the hour That shall for you and me Always live in memory ...."

.. . Shirley Passage


"I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear, Those ofmechanics, each one sing.. ing his as it should be, blithe and strong •... Singing with ·open mouths their strong melodious songs." . .. Walt Whitman



"Let not young souls be smothered out before They do quaint deeds and fully flaunt their pride ... " .•• Vachel Lindsay

\ '

Music by Cleon Service Arranged by Perry Brown

Lyrics by Mary Dole and Paul Eberman




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"'''Y' ...




Dr. Harry W. Rockwell 22 Dean Catherine E. Reed 22 Dr. Ralph Horn Mr. Raymond Fretz 23 23


. Ph. ~. ~eGn oj tk {1olkje

dla/lIUf . ' RocIumJJ, Ph. p~' 4tke~

R~q.~, M.A. /J~ ~eGn CU, ' 1Y1eH.

e~ C. Reed, M. A.

oj 'W0#IUm






Class of 1938


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Lillian Slllead

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Ruth Frank

ALUMNI SECRETARY FOR THE CLASS OF 1938 Margaret Sanborn MOVING-UP DAY Chairman George Bligh Sub-Chairmcn

PUBLICITY Chairman Michael FenellQ SEMINAR Chairman EIi~abeth Prohaska CAP AND GOWN Chairman Helen Elsworth

President Vice-President

Franklin Richards Ruth Frank

Secretary Treasurer

Paul Hirseman Robert Slrunk

Mildred Brayman Dorothy Burton Oscar Chazen Lucille Fenton Mary Gaslay Lawrence Hanratty Maxine McIntyre

COLOR AND FLOWER Chairman Jane Van Vlaek ANNOUNCEMENTS Chairman Harold Finn TOY FUND Chairman Ruth Sugarman SENIOR SING Chairman Lillian Smead HOLLY HANGING Chairman Belly Bowery

James Perona Rober l Reis l Ruth Sugurman SONG AND MOTTO Chairman Evelyn Woodruff LOYALTY FUND

SENIOR BALL Co·Chairmen Ruth Haenzel and Paul Eberman Sub.Chairmen Perry Brown Virginia Butler Francis Cummins Howard Flicd Daniel Grossman Robert Helstrom Margaret Hollenbeck Richard Perry William Sheldon Zelda Thomas

FINANCE Chuirman Robert Strunk CLASS DAY Chairman Dorothy Krall!>!! SuL·Cbairmen Perry nrown Jaue Colby Margaret-Dopp Lawrcnce Hanratty Mar~aret Sanborn ROBllalld Schurch Doris Wyatt

Chairman Viola Agle CLASS GIFT Chairman Josephine Phillippi

Michael Fenello

Dorothy Krauss

Betty Bowery

Josephine Phillippi

E.velyn Woodru:ff

George Bligh

Paul Eberman

Ruth Haenszel


Stanley J. Babcock General College Cortland, New York

Mary Katherine Blake General Colleg~ Buffulo, New York

George J. Bligh General College Niagara Falls, New York

.Jean Elizabeth Booth General Colleg~ Bdffalo, New York

Velma G. -Baldwin General College Syracuse, ~ew York

Viola Edna Agle Kappu Deil!t Pi General College Edcll, New Yark

Uobert Edmund Borth Industrial Arts Buffalo, New York

Louine M. Backus Phi Upsilon Omicron Home Economics . LiUle Valley, New York

Mildred Irene Brayman General College Buffalo, New York

Leocadia Bankoski Art Education Dunkirk, New York

Oscar A. Bixby Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Upsilon General College Dayton, New York,

Betty Bowery

Jane Edna Bauman Ka ppa Delta Pi General Con~ge Cheektowaga, New York

Marian Buell General College Cherry Creek. New York

Kappa Delta Pi

Bessie p~ Bergman General College Buffalo, New York

General Collegl? Snyder, New York

Perry Brown Alpha

Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Upsilon

General College Buffalo, New York





F. June Clarke

Phi Up~i1on Omicron

·Home Economics Buffalo, New York

Virginia M. Butler Genera1 College Clarence. New York

Dorothea S. Clapper General College Schenectady, New York

Dorothea E. Burton General Coneg~ Buffalo, New York

Ruth Lilyan Burlingame General College IIinsdalc t New York

Winifred E. Burley General College lluffalo, New York

Jane Uuth Colby General College Kenmore, New York

Andrew Burr Campbell General College Buffalo, New YOl'k

Catherine Cornwell GeneraI College Buffalo. New York

Lawrence L. Campbell, Jr. I ndus trial Arts Buffalo, New York

William J •.Conlcy IndusLrial Arts Huffu lo, New York

Virginia A. Cheney General College Woodlawn, New York

Inez Crawford Home Economics Angelica. New York

lluth Eleanor Cossaboon General Collcgt: Marilla, New York

Oscar Chazen Alpba

Frances i\[. Cumlnins Kappa Delta Pi General College Kenmore, New York

Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Upsilon

General Collegt) Buffalo, New York



Dorothea Elliott General College Kenmore, New Yark


Jeannette M. Domres General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York

Mary E. Dole General College Buffalo, New York

Paul W. Eberman Alpha Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Upsilon •• Buffalo. New York General College

Ernestine M. Dietrick Genc['81 College Wilson, New York

Ida Fabian General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York

Gertrude C. Donnelly Ceneral Col~ej;e Utica, New Yprk

Paul W. Duffett General College Buffalo, New Yark

Helen D. Elsworth Phi Upsilon Omicron Home Economics Holland, New York

Mary Farrell Art Education Caledonia, New York

Margaret E. Dopp Kappa Delta Pi General College Buffalo, New York

Michael J. Feniello Alpba Industrial Arts Rochester. New Yark

Lucille Fenlon

Mildred J. Duttweiler Hom6 Economics Jeffersonville, New York

Helen V.Fields General CoJleg~ South Byron, New York

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Home Economics Buffalo, New York

Marjorie J. Durocher General College Rochester, New York



Harold Finn General Coneg_~ Buffalo. New York

Ruth Etta Fischer \ Kappa Delta p; N u Lambda Sigma General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York

Reva V. Fish General College Buffalo, New YOl'k

Mary Elizabeth Gazley General College Hamilton, New York

Charles F. Golibersuch General Collegf!: Buffalo, New York

l\ladorie Anne Glasser General College Buffalo, New- York

Vernon J. G.. Ford General College Lancaster, New York

Howard H. Flierl General College Duffalo, New York

Ruth C. Goodman Gencral College Runsomvillc, New York

Daniel GroSSI11an Kappa Delt a Pi Art Education Buffalo, New York

Ruth Frank Alpha

Grace D. Gatley

Ka,Ppa Dell.a Pi Phl Upsilon Omicron

Marjorie Handy General College Lancaster, New York

Dorothy M. Gammack Gencl'al College Clarence Center, New York

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Home Economics Ransomville, New York

Home Economics West Seneca. New York

Ruth A. HaenszeI General College nuffalo, New York

Alice E. Halloran General Collcg~ Buffalo, New York






Robert A. Heist Art Education Alden, New York

Roxey Alice Harris Art Education Jamestown, New York

Robert Helstrom General College Buffalo, New York

Cecilia Henry General College Buffalo, New York

Lawrence A. Hanratty A1pba General Colleg~ Buffalo t New York

Cornelia Hendler . General College Buffalo, New York

Ruth Parker Harrison Home Economics Buffalo, New Yark

Kathryn Herrmann General Colleg~ Lackawanna, New York

Stewart Warren Harvey General Colle~e Glens Falls. New York

Ruth Catherine Hill General College Kenmore, New York

Ruth M. Heilman General CQlleg~ Buffalo, New Yark

Elinor Marie Hoagland Art Education Elmira. New York

Adele Anne Heinold Home EcOnomics Buffalo, New York

General College Buffalo, New York

Paul William Hirscman General Collegl~ Buffalo, New York

Carl J; Heintz Industrial Arts Orchard Park, New York



Katherine M. Kelly General College Buffalo, New York

Norma L. Hoagland Art Education Elmira, New York

Mary Elizabeth HolTman General College Buffalo, New York

Kathleen Kauth Kappa Delta l>i General College Buffalo, New York

Marjorie Laona Hollenbeck General College Frankfort, New YQrk

Catherine Hollway Kappa Delta Pi N u Lambda Sigma General Coll~c DetLOit, Michigan

Annette M. Kennedy N u Lambda Sigma General College Buffalo, New York

Mary Elizabeth Hubbard Art Education Red Hook, New York

Katherine North Kenyon Home Economics Hamburg, New York

Marie Margaret Kilcoyne ~appa Delta Pi Itome Economics Gardenville, New York

Eleanor Mae Hudson General College Utica, New York

Edward Arthur Hudspith . Sigma Upsilon General College Buffalo, New York

Dorothy Klein Art Education Buffalo, New York

Alberta· Kleinfelder Phi U pailon Omicron Home Economics Hamburg, New York

Josephine M. Knapp General College Duffalo, New York

Sally Hudson Art Education Buffalo, New York



Robert A. Lenz Industrial Arts Buffalo, New York


Erwin Lederer Art Education , Buffalo. New Yark

Walter F. Koukal General College Alden. New Yark

Alfreda M. Kosmala Kappa Delta Pi General College Gowanda, New York

Alice Ruth Koelmcl General College Hamburg, New Yark

Rose M. Lombardo Kappa Delta Pi. General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York

Francis S. Kozub General College Depew. New Yark

Dorothy G. Krauss Alpha Kappa Delta Pi N u Lambda Sigma General CoJlege Buffalo, New York

Sam Leone General College Fredonia, New York

Sylvia n. Lutwack General College Buffalo, New York

Gerald Kraus Industrial Arts Buffalo, New York

Loraine Kupfer Kappa Delta Pi General College Lancaster. New York

Theresa Maffia General College Ell:ngton, New ~ ork

Marion Magargel General College Buffalo, New York

Rita A. Magner General Collegf? Buffalo, N.ew York

Louise A. Krebs Kappa Delta Pi General College Medina, New York



Doris M. Michael General College . Orchard Park, New York

Mason J. Martin Industrial Arts Laneas tel'. New Yark

Frances A. Maneska Art Educa tion Medina, New York

Grace M. Maher Art Education Buffalo. New York

Mary A. Matusik General College Arcade, New Yark

Grace Mehling

N u Lambda Sigma

General College Buffalo, New York

Ellcn E. Moe. t General College Buffalo, New York

'IIargaret E. McGee General College Rochesler, New York

Theresa J. Morgan General College Lackawanna, New York

Marion Y. Mcintyre General Colleg!'l Collins, New York

Evelyn K. Morgan General College Buffalo, New York

Geraldine McLaughlin Nu Lambda Sigma General College Allegany, New York

Robert J. Morrissey General College Dunkirk, New York

I va Elizabeth Morris Home Economics Schenectady, New York

William Louis Neumann Sigma Upsilon General College Williamsville, New York

Maxine U. Mcintyre Gencl'al College North Tonawanda




, ... ElMS

Margaret L. Nigro General College Buffalo, New York

James Peter Perona Industrial :Arts Rochester, New York

Josephine Phillippi Alpha Kappa Delta Pi Genc["Ul College Kenmore, New York

Rebecca Ann Perry General College Lockport, New York

Bessie Newkorn General College Ballston Spa, New York

Florence H. Phillippi Art Education Kenmore, New York

Margaret W. Ober General College Utica, New York

Margaret L. Pierce General College Ischua, New YOI'k

Ruth Ozard General College Newfane. New York

Betty Lou Pa tten Nu Lambda Sigma General College Niagara Falls, New York

John H. Pikus Industdal Arts Buffalo, New York

Helen Pratt

Kappa Delta Pi

Art Education Buffalo, New York

Helen Pearson Gene.al CollcKc Buffalo, New York

Catherine A. Pagett Home Economics South Dayton, New York

Muriel Lee Porter Kappa Delta Pi Nu Lambda Sigma General Colleg~ Buffalo. New York

Lucy Pellicano 'General College Niagara Falls, New York

. ,\


. 48 .," .

Dorothy H. Rohmer General Coneg~ Buffalo, New York

David G. Roberts General Coll~e Eden. New York

Sylvia Risman Art Education Buffalo, New York

H. Ona Raper General College North Tonawanda, New York

Uichard H. Ramsauer Art Education Duffalo, New York

Elizabeth Marie


Kappa Delta Pi Nu Lambda Sigma

General College North Tonawanda, New York

Paul M. Rooney General College Buffalo, New York

Anna Rohrmoser General College Philadelphia, New York

Christine D. Reid Home Economics Buffalo. New York

Wilbur R. Reese General College Ransomville, New York

B. Geraldine Russ General College Mbunt Upton, New York

Arthur G. Sager Gencral College Binghamton, New York

Bertha Rosenberg General College Buffalo, New York

Frank Richards General College Kenmore, New York

Robert P. Reist General College Williamsville, New York

Laura Reid General College Niagara Falls, New York



Idamae Samson General College Buffalo. New York

Alden Sallaek J ndustrial Arts Salamanca, New_ York

Herbert F. Saylor Art Education Buffalo, New York

Harriet R. Sisson , Art Education Hamburg, New York

Lillian H. Smead Gener~l College Buffalo, New York

Irene E. Stabell General College Batavia, New York

Mary V. Steudle

Phi U pailon Omicron

Home Economics lluffalo. New York

Margaret Sanborn General College Bui'alo. New York

Robert W. Strunk Karl'a Delta Pi Industrta Arts Snyder, New York

James Scali General College Buffalo, New York

Kathryn L. Schlenker Ka,Ppa Delta Pi PhI Upsilon Omicron

William D. Sheldon Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Upsilon. General College Buffalo, ~ ew York

David Schrader General College Lancaster, New York

Ruth Sugarman Kappa Delta Pi General Colleg~ Buffato, New York

Mildred E. Stillinger General College Wales Center, New York

Home Economics Buffalo, New York

Evelyn M. Studier Art Education Kenmore, New York




Arlouine E. Tallman Kappa Delta Pi Home Economics Sherman, New Yark

Zelda Thomas Art Edueation Mechanicville, New Yark

Dolores L. Von Pless Home Economics West Seneca, New York

Jane Van Vlack Art Education Jamestown, New York

Gertrude M. Van Arsdale Home Economics Hamburg, New York

Dorothy Sweitzer Home Economics Buffalo. New York

Doris E. Tober Kappa Delta Pi General Colleg~ ·BuJ;ralo, New York

Eleanor F. Toby Gcnc['81 College Lindley, New York

Leonard C. Waite General College Little Valley. New York

TwHa Wagener Art Education Buffalo, New York

Margaret Ullrich

Theresa E. Trimper General College Buffalo, New York

Evelyn J. Toby General cone~e_ Lindley. New York

Phi Upsilon Omicron .

Home Economics Buffalo, New York

Kathryn A. Wass General College Buffalo, New York •

Arline Walker General College Lewiston. New York

Dorothy Welch

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Home Economics Batavia, New York


. 1938"

TH E " ELMS '-


Ruby Westover Art Education Buffalo, New York

Cora E. Adams Home Economic!; Belmont. New York

Isabelle Karnes GeneraI College Buffalo. New York

Helen E. Pfeffer General Colles:~ West Valley, New York

Helen G. Keem General College 'Vales Center, New York

Elizabeth W. Armer General College Lockport, New York

Kathleen Pound Arl Edllcatiorr Buffalo, New York

Marian R. Whitney Art Education Corfu, New York

Marjorie E. Knapp General College Hamhurg, New York

Helen Purcell Gcncrul College Buffalo, New York

Esther C, Arndt General College Wayland, New York

Caroline Williams Kappa Delta Pi General College Oadfield. New York

Mildred Laida General Collc§c Skaneateles. New York

Norlna E. Beeves General College N illgara Falls, New York

WinifiedE.cBaltz General~~ll~~:_ " .~. - Buffalo,) \( ~?/Xprk '

Dorothy Lynds Kappa Della Pi . Gener..1 College LockpOl:t, New York

Frances Rowe General College ltochcster, New York

Frances M. "Bamber General College Brockport, New York

Kenneth J. Witter Art Education Buffalo, New York

Rosalind }'. Seharch General College Rome, New York

Hildegarde Marlatt Art Education B uffnlo, New York

Frank Cavalieri Industrial Arts

Evelyn Woodruff General College Kenmore, New York

Iris E. Semon General College Tonawanda. New Vork

Martin Chabon Industrial Arts New York, New York

Roselyn C. Meyers C cHeral College Buffalo, New York

Genevieve Slnith General College

George Dobson Industrial Arts

Margaret C. Miller General College Duffalo, New York

Anita ' L. Stewart Kappa Delta Pi General College Lockport. New York

Alois John Dwyer Industrial Arts Duffalo, New York

Evangeline ]\Iioore General College Penn Yan, New York

Doris G. Wyatt Alpha Home Eeonomica Springville, New York

Tina Eddy General College Sonyea, New York

Alice Tindell Art Education Buffalo, New York

Eranees H. Moulton General College LoJlg Island, New York

Carl Zeh Industrial Arts Buffalo, Ncw York

Gordon F. Voght General College Buffalo, New York

Helen E. Fenske General College Duffalo, New York

Laurence Newcomb– , General College South Byron, New York

Martha Wandtke

Marian Geiger General College Buffalo, New York

Richard Perry General College Tonawanda. New York

(Sister M. Dionysia)

General College Buffa1o. New York

De Etta N. Gordon General College Three Mile Day. New York

Jane L. Person Home Economics Buffalo, New York

Mabel Webster General College Tonawanda. New York

Martha Jenks General College Ashville, New York

Eleanor Peterson General College Herkimer, New York

Breta Wood Home Economics Niagara Falls, New York



s. 1\larjorie Stearns General Colle~c Springv ille, Ncw York l\'Iarjorie ~1. SlcenwOrlh General College Wellsville. New York Grayce M. Sullivan Gencral Colleg(~ Buffalo, New York }:dward L. Szarlacki Tnclmnrial Arts Rochester, New York Helen M. Thursack General Colleg

Bernice Rech Rain Gellenl Collese: Buffalo, New York Annette Marie Kennedy General College Buffalo, New York Mary A. Kroening Art Education Tonawanda, New York Edith Agnes Lawless Gcnc'rul College Bellport, Lon g Island Irene A. Loemerhirt General College Buffalo, New York

John D. O'Brian InduSlrial Arts Oswego, New York

Doris Marie Frank GeneraI CoHege Springville. New York June A. Fuller Home Economics Bun-ala, New York Dolorita M. Gallager General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York Gladys A. Gerringer Gencral College General College Alt a, New York Huth H. Gould GCllen:!1 College Coltlcn, New York l\Iargaret G. Horner Genera l Colleg~ B uffalo, New York Arthur E. Harbisan I nduslrial Arl!> Buffalo, New York Agnes Elizabeth Healy Ge neral College East Aurora, New York Hildegarde Henning Gcnel'al College Ha mhurg. New York Helene A. Higgins Gcnerul College Wellsville, New York George D. HolTman Industrial Arls Allegany, New York Alta E. Gormel Lockport, New York Essel K. Hegberg Genera l College nuffalo. New York Helen Holhrool, General College Groveland. New York Mary Rix Hornsby General Colleg~ Duffalo, New York Mildred L. Howell Home Economics Watkins Glen, New York Uachel Ann Hubbard Gencral College Whitc l")Jains. New York Doris E. I ves Art Education Cat taraugas, New York Lucille M. Johnson General College }i'rewsburg, New York

i\I arion E. Cheney General College Akro n, New York Joseph Clay ton General College 11rocklon, New York Virginia P . Condor G cncru I College llufl'ulo, New York Dorothy M. Conlin General CoHcg~ Barker, New York K. Buth B. Craig Gcncral College Niagara Falls, New York N. Earl Cross Gcneral College Versailles, New York Frances E. Curliss Gcncral College Corfu, New York Merle M. Courtrigh t General Collcpc Skuncatelas [; ali!:!, New York Buth Snyder Curtiss Ge neral Coll~gc Holland Pa tcnt, New York l\lerle E. Davies GCllcrlll Collcge Pike. New York Phoebe Bell Dean GeneL'al College Forestville, New York Haffae A. Deangelis General College B uffa lo. New Ym'k Ada A. Diaz General College Niugurn Falls, New York Nona L. Donnely Gencral College Buffalo, New York Lola Dorsey Genera 1 CoJleg~ DulTalo, New York Alois John Dwyer Industrial Arts Buffalo, New York J ean }' ich tel Art Ednca tion B uffalo, New York Frank V. Finnegan Indus tria l Arts Buffalo. New York Ruth Etta Fischer General Colleg~ Buffalo, New York

JalllCS Allgeir General College

Lila B. Page General College

\Vi lsOIl, i\~ew York Ruth A. Alway GCllcnll College HufTuio,l'iew York Clare '\1. Armstrong lntiuslria l Arts l\iuguru Fnlls, Ncw York :\larjorie ~Iary Barr Generul College Gloverlwillc, New York Hazel Whi te Becker Ge ncral College r\"lcrida lc, New York Lnwrence C. Rock Gellcr

Bat avia, New York Ellen Cook Pask Gerieral College Albian, New York Eva lVIarie Polster General College Snyder, New York Pauline EITlily Porter General College North Rose, New York Elvira J. Privetera General College Buffalo, New York Dorothy W. Heiner Art Education Attica, New York E loise L. Hobesan General College Newark, New Jersey Dorothy M. Roth General College lluffnlo, New York Gladys M. Rowland General College Wcst Valley, New York Fern M. Uyer General College Buffalo, New York Elizabeth Rynalski General College Fredonia, New York Mildred Sehwarm General College Ak ron. New York Marian H. Seibel General Colleg~ Buffalo. New York Edna M. Shaw General College Buffalo, New York Edna V. Sherman General College


Eunice Levy Gen«:;ra 1 College Buffalo, New York Virginia E. Losier General Colleg

Sherman, New York Janet Toambs GCllcral College Rochester. New York Dorothy S. Tullock General College Scotia, New York Helen Tyron General College Niugaru Falls. New York Ida Urkofsky General Collcg~ Buffalo, New York Gladys M. Vedder Art Education Joh nstown. New York Edward C. Velia rndustrial Arts Roch ester, New York Frances M. Yensen Generul Collcge Grund Island, New York Marie A. Wunch General College Buffa lo, New York Evelyn Walfe Wiser General College Colden. New York Celia Williams General Colleg~ Buffalo. New York Wesley D. White General Coll~se­

B uffalo, New York Edith S. Latta Gen eral College I..ockport. New York KathcrineB. J. MacDonald General College E. Rochester, New York Florence C. lVlaisehess Gencral Colleg~


Bu ffalo, N ew York Hazel K. Mapes General College Bnffalo, New York Helcn M. Martin General College Buffalo. New York Arthur G. Maul Art E ducat ion


Buffalo. New York Helen .B. Maw General College Buffalo, New York Dorothy I. McLaran Gen era I College Niagara Falls, New York Bert C. Merccr General College Rochester, New York Elizabeth Ann Mesmer Al't Education Buffalo. New York Victor L. Miller General College Urockport, New York Frances H. Moul ton General College Lake Grove, Long Island Gerald Peter Normilo General College Brasher Falls, New York

Watertown, New York Helene M. Werner General College Niagara Falls, New York Gwendoline Agnes Watson General Collcge Gasport, New York Ella Noble Waring Genel'al CoJlege Delavan, New York Martha Wandtke (Sr. M. Dionysia) General College Buffalo. New York

Kenmore, New York Elsie M . Slater

G. ,-cncral College Buffalo. New York Frank S. Snyder General Colleg~ Vernon, New York Dorothea SomrnerITleyer General College

Cattal'augus, New York Thelma H. Chase Home Economics Buffalo, New YQrk

ScheneCtady. New York Alice B. Standart General College Buffalo, New York





Next, came our novel St. Patrick's Party, the high~light of our Spring activities. And close on its heels followed Moving~Up~Day, to make us ~fahnost .Scniors". But before we of the Class of '39 relinquish our places as the Juniors of State Teachers College, may we, as Juniors, add this thought: The favors of the Junior Prom may have been lost, the precedent of crowning a Prom Queen may be discontinued, the subject matter of our curriculum may never be assimilated, the good times that we have had may a1ready be forgotten, and the harmony of our original song for this year's Interclass Sing may never have been learned, but nevertheless, the sentiment of two lines of that song will always ring true ...•


"As the years go by, you'Ufind they never die Those memories of State .... "

1st Row: F. Ackroyd, K. Albrecl~on, L. Albrigi,l, D. Anderson, Y. Ashley, H. Ad. W. A tkins, R. Baker, J. Barker. A. Ballagh, A. Bangert, R. Barrow– man, N . BaUaglia. B. Bernhard, P. Bickel, C. BorUI, A. Brown. R. Brown, L. Bruner, E. Buckley 2nd Row: 8. Cadro. M. Callahan. N, Caneert. M. Casey, N. Cepura, L. Chapman. D. Clark. V. Cooley. P. Conrad, L. Corlrig"'. J. Coughlin. C, Croeuswn, D. Cummings, R. Cunningham. J, Dahlq"ist. J. D' Ahia, O. Davies. 8. Deazley, A. Demoow$ki. G. Derner 3rd Row: . W. Dolk, W. Dombrowski, J. Doyle. M, Dofxmy. R. Eagirl, K. Edmurlds. O. Ehman, E. Englehardt, D. Epacels, B, Fisher, G. Fosberg, M. Fritlon, R. Gaffney, L. Gleason. L,. Hagen, C, HU{Jcrly, J. H(umy. P. Harley, R. Harrishburg, E. Herman 4th Row: F. Hill, E. Hiller, J.llourihan, R. Hughes, K. Johnslon, M. Kerwin, R. Kiek, R. [Gmpland, A. Kingslon. R. Kinsley, M. Koeppen, N. Kotula. S. Kramer, M. Kreger, II. Kreis, H. Kreiss, J. Laird, M. Leary, G. Lee. L, Levinkind 5th Row: M. Lewis, G. Lindstrom, J. Lindstrom,ll. Lippke, [ , Lorieh, D. Low, J. Ludwig, B. Male, A. Marin/zcci. I. Martin, S. Martorana, V. Marvin, M. Mason, I.... Mattern. M. Mayer. A. McCabe, C. McGovern. n. Merrill, A. Messing, A. Miehlin 6th now: n. Minkel, A. Miller, D. Missert. C. Moore, M. Moore, [. Mummerl, N . Neumann, M. Noonan, M. O'Connor, .I. O'Leary, E. Onody, A, Pausewany, C. Penner, B. Phelps, n. Phillips, J. Piatak, M. Pick, F. Pierce, S. Plelzker. P. Pohlman 7th How: · M. Price, S. Puleo, B. Ray, M. Ri.ch. C. Rod, H. Rupp, A . Russell, N. Ryan, A. Sadroga, S. Safran, G. Schreiner, G. Schieder. D, Scholz. I. Scott, J, Scrimshaw, L. Seibert. F'. Siemankowski, h:. Sikorski, II. Sindail', F. Skidmore 8th How: A. Sm ith, Rene Smith, Rila Smith, F. Snow, P. Spadinger. H. Spohr,.I. Slack,.I. Strickland, M.·Sullivan, J. Syracuse, E. Szymanski,.J. Thorn, M . Thomas, J , Thompson, M. Urban, R. Valaflce, A. VanDyke. n. Wagner. C. Weber, .I. Weber 9th now: E. Wenzel, J. Wesp, C. Whitelock, H, Wiela~td, F, Wilks, E. Wilson. H. Wiseman. A. Willer. D. Woodcock, M. Wrench, N. Wright

Crede Hagerty Grace Schreiner Irene Martin Raymond Ast

President , Vice~president

Secretary Treasurer

Activities for the Class of 1939 were inaugurated by our acting as Counsellors to orient and assist the incoming Freshmen. This step made us true upperclassmen, now assistants rather than the assisted. Having reached a coveted position on Moving~Up~Day,-for being Juniors gives us just enough dignity and prominence without the ~tjt will soon be over" feeling that the Seniors carry with them-we began to li.ve up to our status. Our most notable success was the Junior Prom, held at the Consistory on December 17. When we invited the entire College to participate in the election of a J "nior Beauty to be our Prom Queen, we set what we hope will be a precedent. From the Class of 1939, then, was chosen the first State ·Prom Queen.





In the Name of God, Amen. I , the spiri t of the class of '38, now residing for the most parL at State Teachers College in the cIty of Buffalo, county of Erie, and state of New York, being (considered) of sound and. disposing mind and memory, and fully mindful of Lhe uncertainties of this Hfe,

comfortable home where she may live in a hright and HSherrie" atmosphere for the remainder of hcr days. I do hereby bequeath unto Perry Brown, a specially constructed, magne– tized baton, in order that he may no longer worry aboilt holding the atten· tion of his choristers.

do make, publish, and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby expressly revoking any and all WjJJs and Codicils by me, at any time, heretofore made. I do give, devise, and bequeath unto my President,

Unto Mary Dole, Lillian Smead, and Evelyn Morgan do I bequeath their everlasting -memory in the hearts of every member of this class. For them no material bequest would suffice. My next bequest is to Larry Hanratty, to whom I bequeath many light knocks, or ~~taps", " all on hi. shoes so that he may continue ;:~ "':--"\\ to delight many with "his exceptional r(: :\. terpsichorean abili t y. c.- -':' ,"1 I do fmther bequeath unto Wil · \' liam Neumann a seat in the National ~ Legislature, so that many may profit fr"om his HGovernmclltal" ability. Unto Mary Gazlcy do I bequeath a life of ease for I could never bear to see an ffAngcl" engrossed in any of the ordinary methods of gaining a livelihood. I do bequeath unto James Perona the publication of some form of Book of Enlightenment, so that the world may profit by what HPerona sez". I do hereby give, devise, and be–

Franklin Richards, a deck of cards, spe– cially constructed and devised, ~nd consisting of hut one IOJ.1cly 8u11- namely, hearts. Unto my past president, Paul Wil· mot Eberman, a kingly homestead, where he and his uqueen" may can· tentedly and peacefully reign over their little subjects.

I do give, devise, and bequeath unto my be~oved couple, Gertrude Van Arsdale and Robert ReIst, a lifetime ticket to all ~!State" basketball games, as well as a cozy bungalow, equipped with the latest culinary devices. Unto Dorothy Krauss do I give a

ticket which will entitle her to ~!moun ­ tains" of happiness in hel' new home in HMontana' , To the illustrious Dan Grossman do I bequeath a contract to conduct community singing on any and all networks.

queath unto Oscar Chazen and Robert Helstrom, the Editor and Business Manager of this final contribution of the Class of '38 to posterity, an ever– lasting fe"eling of satisfaction and con.. tentment, in the thought that their efforts were supremely -consummate{I

I do hereby bequeath unto George Bligh a pair of motorized roller ska tes, in order tha t he may never again feel the need to extend himself unduly, in an effort to reach his destina tion. Unto Michael Fenicllo, do r bequeath a car, of such a H typc" that he shall never be Hprcsscd" in making new ~~records". To my outstanding financial ad–

in this C;Jdition of uThe ;Elms." And to a ll other memhcrs of this Class of '38, I do bequeath, to each, the teaching position that he deserves and desires. In witness whereof do I affix my hand as a seal to this document as my last ~Till and Testament.

visor, William Denley Sheldon, r be· queath a business-any- business-for regardless of its kind, he will make it pay. To Dori,. Wyatt do I bequeath a


witnessed by






Social Service came within our realm as we sponsored a college Toy Drive at Christmas time. This new idea, under the Sophomore spell, Aourished and succeeded. Almost every organization on campus has found some Sophomore outstandingly active– Strivill.g Sophomores, here, working for pleasure and recognition. April first- time almost up!-and the Soph-Frosh Hop was opened to the College at a nominal fee per couple. This suggestion of the class president was carried out to introduce to State the first evening dance of this sort_ We've swung through a glorious year, and now, on Moving-Up Day, 1933, we've come out unscathed by the narrow bounds of sophistication. The robes of industry are almost ours. In one brief moment we shall cast our costumes to the Class of '41. BUL il'S Spring, and a warming sun beats down upon us, the Class of 1940_ Let us close the yeal' with thanks, with a sigh, and a smile.

lst. Row: J. Adams, L. Agaputa. I. ·Ahern, F. Alexander, F. All, II Anderson. T. Asbury. 1I. Bailey, E. Daldwin, B. Barber. J. Barrell, S, Baruch, E. Becker. v. Bell. H. Benning, v. Blake, H. Rodkifl, D. Blitkely, R. Bollard, H. Bonnell 2nd Row: J. /Jranicki, R. Breck, M. Brierley, D. Burall, M. 8urgasscr, J. Burke, V. Burkc, K. D/lrlingam~, I. Bush, E. Cage, H. Caplin. A. Garman, R. Chad, K. Chalmcrs, L. Childress, J. Clark, J. Clemenll', M. Clinton, M. Cluff, J . Cox. ll. Crandall 3rd now: A. Demarchi, C. DiMurco, V. Dittmcr, ll. Domras, M. Dorchnk, M. J . DrelD, i11. Driflkwater, A. Ekes, C. E:"chclman, J. Fehr. J. FiIUl, E. Fire3lone, L. Pischer. L. Pi3ht!r, D. Pix, J. Fleckenstein, L. fi'Qiq, n. Prawley, n. Fry. I. Fuhrman 4th How: L. Gerber, R. Gibbons, P. Gibson, J. Gilliat, R. Granato, Z. Grapes, M . Grenier. M. Griffirt, R. Groth, J. Hammel, D. IIarris, M, Haro, C. Hcimbue!Jer. I. IIess, 11. Ilickey. N. llolfman, 1'. lIoo/i/lan. J. Hotaling, C. Hubbard, E, Ilum.phrcy. 5th How: M. J(abel. C. Kennedy. M. Keflnelly, S. Kenyon, W. KilcoYfie. V. Kiflsley. J. f«(owiUcr, C. Knack, I. Koualick, H. { .. mnm, H. Lanphear, E. Larrabee, D. Lawies.t, .R. Leahy, B. l~dereJ" D. Leising. M. Lewafl{/osui, P. Liruicnballtn, P. Line. K Lobal1!J/4 6th How: E. Lockwood, S. Lmnagtw, M. £hiles, t, Dow. S. l.ttbow, D. Lyor~, A. Mahofll_'Y, B. MalllIe, G. Martin, M. Martin, D. M(lY, B. McBride, p , iHcEnlirc, A. Meyers, P. Militello, M, Miller, fl. Milkr, H, Milofsky, H. Miudttcki 7th Row: C. Moser, D. Needham, L, Neill, C. Nichols, J. Nichols, S. iV.yilrai, E, Olszowska, M. O'Neill, P. Pic/wp, C. Pfciffcr, P. Pinw, M. Piper, /!:. Place, J. Poole, B. Popp, R. forler, E. Powell, D, Prichard, D. Puhl, n. Rawe Slh Row: M. Raych, N. Reid. A. Ressing, M. Richardson, M. Ritzenthalcr, C. Roberts, B. Rolf, v. Hoot, £. Rosa, A. Roassclle, F. Rubell,~, E. Ruskowski. S. Salo, M. Sauerwein. C. Schamber, L. Schmankc, n. Schmidt, L. Sr:holl, It Schullz, A. Scl/waf/ckamp 9th Row: ./1. Schwartz. J. Schwartz, fl. Seilz, D. Senf, A. Setlol1,.t. ...C,'imini, M. Smalley, C. Smith, E. Sncdccof. 11. S tachowir:a, M. Straight, G, Sleinsholt, D. Strebe, W. Tanner, H. Telschow. IJ. Thomas, F. Thompson, T. Tiemey, J. Tillou, R. Tuthill 10th Row: N. Truesdale. J. Tucker, V. Vandcrcher, M. Val/ghan, G. Vinceni, M, Viox, R. VQ(Jcl. C. Walkcr, .I. Welch. H. Wi!Jhlman. E. Wilhite, If, Wilson, A. Woeppel, M. A. Woeppel, J. Wolslcy, M. Woukulick, V. Zablwwski, ll. Zeder. ll. ZoUit.sch

President Vice-president

Robert Bollard Jobn Hammel Hazel Bonnell John Schassar

Secretary Treasurer

According to college authorities, the school year lasts from the fall month of September to the summer month of June, but, to those members of the college commonly designated as students, the school year's activities are bounded by two days in May, Moving-Up Day and Moving-Up Day_ On this day in May, 1937, we, the Class of 1940, cast aside our Freshman rompers and reached out for the suits of the Sophomores_ Not yet for us were the caps and gowns of the stately Seniors, nor yet the workaday cover-aIls of the industrious Juniors, but rather an attire more youthful than these, though lacking the adolescent touch of the Freshman play suits_ Such was the garb the Class of '39 bequeathed to us_ We donned it eagerly, for it made the gap between May and September somehow smaller_ And with these vestments there came, also, the title "Sophisticated Sophs"_ We eyed it from afar, at Qrst, and then stood back to take survey of those it was to char– acterize- ourselves, the Class of 1940. No, not for us, we cried. Call us, rather, the sporting sophs, spirited, spontaneous, smili~g, spry, or smart! Sparkling with enthusiasm, we administercd the Freshman daze. Singing with great gusto, we followed close on the hccls of the Mighty at Inter-Class Sing, to pcp the College with our Rhythm Cure and fill the second place_ Thanksgiving found us stimulated to the extent of a Turkey Turnout, our first clas. party of the year. United Sophomores, then, we met our classmates on common ground inside the pumpkin walls_




" I

1st Row: T. Abel, M. Aigner, R. Albright. C. Arnbellan, n. Anderson, E. Anderson, R. Av'ery, H. Dala, E. Baldwin, D. Baltzell, J.Bal'ber. M. Barker. R. Barne.~, E. Barl'•. R. Beckel', M . Bell, E. Bch. M. Deuther, F. Boland 2nd Row: L. Bonebel'O. E. Brani, H. Brennan, A. Brown, E. Brown, Jean Brown, Joyce Brown, L. Buddenhagen, M. Buechner, V. Eurckley, E. Buller, N . Butler, C. Campbell, A. Cun', J. Carroll, V. Cashmore, A. Chmura, E. Zasada, L. Cleary, C. Clemons 3rd Row: G. Coclicrn, V. Coho, E. Cofe, J. Collins, E. Commbs, D. Coppidlo, n. Coughlin. D. Cownie, B. Grai(l, B. Crawford, M. Creasey, V. Creighton. P. Creed, C. Cl'osucion, H. Curtin, K. ,Czemiejewski, P. Daucher, J. Davis, n. Dedrick. B. Dembowski 4th Row: J. Demler, A. DeScipio, B. Distler, M. Dolan, D. Donley, E. Dudziak, M .. Dunckel, M. Duthie, A.Earl, B. Ebling, F. Epstein, B. Ernest, M. Eschner, W. H:don. L. Farnan, At. Flarwgan, J. Foley, n. Fosler, B. Fi'aleigh, B. Franks 5th Row: N, Galemllo, C. Giglia, B. Glaser, W. Glasgow, E. Cordon, A. Could, L. GJ'aber, N, Cressell, L. Grebinsfli, R. Griffin, I, Grods, M. Haffa, A. Hatnisler. G. Harmon, S. Harrison, D. Harfman. D. Havens. E. Hellems, G, Hellner, W. IIelwig \ 6th now; E.lIess, G. Himmele, C. Hochgrcbe, P.lloldredge, M. Holmes, B. Hoskins, J. Houser. E.llubed, M. Hussey, R. Isenberg, M. Iamerl, F. hzo. C. Jackson, H. Jar-mi. W. Jenner. H. Johnson, E. Jones, C. Kaminska, M. Keating, K. Kelly 7th Row: P. Kenyon, M. Kieffer, L. Kinsey, n. Klipfel, H. Kowalski. R. Krieman. J. Krylo, C. Kuhn, J. Kwinlkowski. M. Lampka, V. Larson. Ivl. Latham. M. Leber, J. Leslie, l!.:. Levin, S. Levirt, T, Limburg, V. Lockner, C. Lu.nney, A. Lynds 8th now: ·B. Mace, D. Macomber, M. Mahl, 1-1. Mandr'y, E. Marlin. J. Mayer. C. McCarthy, D. McCorrniean, T. McCoy. M. McCullar, H, McCullou.gh. Z. McDon'ell, G. McLaughlin, C. McLellan, M. McNoll, C. Mehling, B. Mencer, D. Midlerdzinska. E. Miedanowski, B. Minkel 9th Row: M. Miller, S. Mo.ore, G. Morrison, H. MIllieI', J. Murphy, R . Murphy, ll. Nelson, O. Nichols. M . O'Brien. E. O'Connur. M. J. Oelkers, A. Owen, B. L. Patten, M. Paulin, R. Peck. B. Pellegrins, J. Perry, M. Phillips, J. Piper. R. Potter 10t.h Row: C. Powell, C. Powlowski, M. Price, M, Raiken, B. Reel!. M. Reinhard, D. Reynolds, M. Richardson, J. RomalW, M . Rose, E. Ryan. lv[. Sage, A . Salvaggio, V. Santo, R. SaJecki, n. Schajer. N. Schewcrman, B. Schreiner. M. Scott, G. Seaman . 11th Row ; B. ~. Seibert. E, Seiler. I. Semon, V. Shanahan, I. Sicroslawski, W . Sion, J. Sisson, B. J. Smith, S. Sommers, M. Sonlheim, A. Souzzi, 1. Spiewakowska, H. Spring, 1'. Stacey, B. Slc.qman, A. Stielow. N. Stillman, M. Slripp, V. Strub, K. Sullivan 12th Row: H. Sweeiapple, 11. Tarayos. M . TayIM', M. Tij(i, C. 1'jeerdsma, H. Travis, G. Treichler, L. Tugg, C. Turcol/, A. Twardziak, W . Vandal, J, Vcddcr, D. Vincenl, N . Voght, G. Waile, J. Wanlshouse. K. Warner, C. Weigand, F. Weissman, B . .I. Williams 13th H.ow: E. Williams, M. Williams, N, Williams, B. Wil,is, H. Woodhouse, H, Woods, M. L. Woods, S. Woodside

President ViceMpresident

Charles Turcott Ruth Albright Donald Donley Charles McCarthy'

Secretary Treasurer

The class of '41 is on the march. Freshmen, yes, but that doesn't faze us in the least. A triumphant path already lies behind us. It all began one fine September weekend. Oh, the joys of Freshman Camp, where every Soph was our best friend. We learned to know these charming Sophomores even better, though, when they gave us a thorough introduction to college life in those jolly days they quaintly referred to as "Hell Week". How sorry we were when it ended! Those Sophomores had so much fun that we just couldn't tell them that the Faculty Re· ception had us more upset than did their humorous antics. The reception's terrors, however, were non-existent, though our hands were ralh~r lame and the end of each line found us being addressed by some unrecognizable bunch of syllables, presumably our appellations. And at its close, we fclt, at last, a part of State. Other aspects of this experience proved similarly useful when our December party was organized. Perhaps it wasn't perfect, but we showed a fine spirit of co-operation and-sociability. Co-operation was a little less noticeable in the Interclass Sing, but we fought our way into fourth place. Vocally, a greater success has been made by the }'reshman girls of the Jnnior Women's Glee Club, in the Spring Concert. Famous Frosh are no novelty this year. The musical organizations, the publications, the Christmas play, and athletics have been supported by the forty-one.ers. Politically we entrusted the administration of our affairs to cQJ:l1petent hands, and now, by a minor miracle, we are about to become the Hdaze-making" class of the College- Sophomores. With these beginnings to our credit, we of the Class of '41 unanimously predict a splendid future for this Class of '41 and with Moving-Up Day no longer a dream but a reality, we find ourselves not merely Freshmen, but a great Freshn:lan class.



cs -

Honor Societies


Fraternities_ and Sororities



Campu" Groups

Perry Brown

Oscar Chazen

Dean Horn

Michael Fenello

Josephine Phillippi

Ruth Frank

Franklin Richards

Lawrence Hanratty

Doris Wyatt

Dorothy Krauss




Viola Agle

Ruth frank

Rose Lombardo

Daniel Grossman

Josephine Phillippi

Jane Bauman Oscar Bixby Betty Bowery Perry Brown Oscar Chazen

Catherine Hollway Kathleen Kauth Marie'Kilcoyne Alfreda Kosmala Dorothy Krauss

Muriel Porter

Elizabeth Prohaska Kathryn Schlenker William Sheldon Robert Strunk Ruth Sugarman Arlouine Tallman



Frances 'Cummins Margaret Dopp Paul Eberman

Louise Krebs

Loraine Kupfer

Ruth Fisher

Doris Tober


Robert Baker Laman Bruner Lucile Chapman

Dorothy Keil Marian Lewis Hazel Lippke

Annette Pausewang

Robert Phillips Margaret Price

Wanda Dombrowski

Irene Martin

Marian Rich

Elizabeth Horn Elizabeth Huey

Sebastian Martorana

Gertrude Singer Paul Spadinger

4t.h Row: V. Agle, R. Baker, J. Baumcl'!', B. Bowery, P . Brown. L. Bruner. L. Chapman. O. Chazen, F. Cummins 3rd Row; M . Dopp, P. Eberman. n. Fu.her. R. Frank. D. Grossman, C. Kollway, K. Kauth, M. Kilcoyne, D. Drouss 2nd Row; L. Kre?s, L. Kupfer, M . LeWI.8, It Lombardo, S. Martorana, A . Pau8ewano. J. Phillippi, M. Porter, H. Pratt 1st Row; M. PrlCe. E. Prohaska, M. RiCh, K. Schlenker, W. Sheldlm, R. Strunk, R, Sugarman

Perry Brown Frances Cummins Oscar Bixby Ka thleen Kauth Alfreda K08mala Oscar Chazen

President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . Reporter

Dr. Cbester A. Pugsley Miss Helen Englebreck

Counselor: Historian

Mr. Charles C. Root

Dr. Harry W. Rockwell

Miss Catherine E. Reed

Mr. Joseph Phillippi Dr. Chester A. Pugsley Dr. Margaret Quayle Dr. Kate V. Wofford

Miss Irene Hirsch Miss Edna Meshke Miss Stella O' Riclly

Mr. Reuben S. Ebert Miss Helen Englebrcek Dr. Anna Gemmill Mrs. Caroline Gordnier

Gamma Mu cbapter of Kappa Delta Pi was established at Buffalo State Teachers College in 1931 making ours the first teacher training institution in New York State to have a chapter in this national honorary educational society. Members are elected from the Junior and Senior classes on the basis of scholarship and interest in the advancement of educa tion. The Educational Forum is published quarterly by the national organization.


Ruth Fischer (1st Semester) Muriel Porter (2nd Semester) Muriel Porter (1st Semester) Betty Barber (2nd Semester)

Vice President

Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .

. Gertrude Singer Betty Lou Patten Grace Mehling

Sodales Honoris Causa Mrs. Hertha Ganey Members: 1938 Geraldine McLaughlin Grace Mehling

Miss Eileen Mulholland

Dr. Anna Gemmill

Ruth E. li'ischer Annette Kennedy Dorothy Krauss

Beuy Lou Patten MUriel Porter Elizabeth Prohaska


Lucile Chapman Amelia Dembowski

Phyliss Lne Bernice Male Ada Miller

Margaret Price Gertrude Singer


Betty Barber

Annette Cinn Genevieve Martin

Georgia Vincent

Nu Lambda Sigma is the women's honorary literary sorority orthe Col1ege. The requiremen ts for membership are an honor average in English courses, recommendation by a faculty member of the English Department, and recognized ability to enjoy literature. Nu Lambda Sigma sponsors a student lecture series each spring semester.

1st now: D. Bernhard. J. Clark. C. Drinkwatu. 1l. ElsworU/. L. Fenton. B. Fisher 2nd no~: R. Frank, A. Klei"nfelder, M. Lewis. D. Merrill. K. &hlenkcr, M. Steudle Sed Row: M. Ullrich. D. Welch

3rd How: B. Barber, L. Chapman, A. Ginn, A. Dembow8ki. R. Fisher, A. Kennedy 2ml Row: D. Krauss, B. Male. C. Marlin. G. McLaughlin. C. Mehling, A. Miller 1st Row: P. Line, B. Pallen, 14. Porter. M. Price. E. Prohaska, C. Vincent

Ruth Frank Kathryn Schlenker . .Dorothy Welch Alberta Kleinfelder Belly Merrill Helen Elsworth Miss Martha Pratt

President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer. . .

Chaplain ..... Historian and Editor Faculty Adviser .

Sorores in Facultate:

Miss Edna Meshke Miss Martha Pratt Memhers 1938 Luci1lc Fenton Ruth Frank Ruth Hirsch Alberta Kleinfelder 1939 Elizabeth Huey

Miss Alma Roudebush Miss M ildred Sipp

Miss Myrtle V. CaudeIl Miss Faye Keever

Kathryn Schlenker Mary Virgi!J.ia Steudle

Louine Backus June C14rke Grace Drinkwater Helen Elsworth

Margaret Ullrich Dorothy Weleh

Betty Bernh~rd Beverly Fisher

Marion Lewis

Detty Menill Mu chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron was established at State. shortly after Home ECOfl?mics became a four year eouree. It is an honorary society in Home Eeono~ies, an? has for It~ purpose the mo~al and. Intellectual develop~ ment of its members and the p.romotion of the Home EconomICs profeSSIOn. The Candle IS publIshed annually by the national organization.


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