Is Bed Rest Good For Your Back Pain?

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Is Bed Rest Good For Your Back Pain?

Bed rest and inactivity have been shown to weaken muscles and bones. Whereas exercise in general, increases strength and flexibility of the muscles, aiding in healing through increased blood flow to the affected area. In our SPINE Program, our physical therapists put a plan together to ease you back into doing pain-free activities and we do this related to your individual health history, abilities, interest and availability. In addition to exercise, physical therapy utilizes a variety of gentle modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, massage, and thermal therapy to help relieve muscular spasms. Physical therapy excels in the use of muscular strengthening exercises to build stability. Treatment through our SPINE Program, instead of lying in bed at home, will help relieve your pain faster. This means fewer repeat visits to your doctor with the same complaint.

In the old days, when your back was hurting, your doctor told you to rest until it felt better. However a lot has been learned about proper treatment for back pain since those days, and gone are the days of prolonged bed rest. New studies show that proper movements, posture and a gradual return to activities, has been found to be much more successful to control back pain. This allows you faster pain relief and a return to normal pain- free activities. It has also been found that exercise and aerobic activity, like walking, assists in bringing nutrients to structures in the spine. Some of these structures, like the discs between your vertebrae, have a poor blood supply and rely on your body’s movements and aerobic activity to circulate nutrients. When a person is inactive, less of these nutrients are able to get to the structures in the spine to keep them healthy.


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