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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ CULTER ACADEM Y Accredited SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN PURPO SE. . . To provide an Academic School for young people where tile teach­ ing is free from atheism, evolution and communism; where there will be scholarship with a true Chris­ tian atmosphere; where thorough­ ly trained teachers of the highest Christian character will personal­ ly be interested in and concerned for each boy and girl. INTERDENOMINATIONAL COEDUCATIONAL Culter Academy * Offers a complete College en­ trance academic course of study of the very highest scholastic standard from Kindergarten to College. *Gives carefully planned, unde­ nominational, daily Bible instruc­ tion, holding that the Bible is the Divinely inspired Word of God. ♦Holds forth by precept and by example the highest standards of clean, consecrated daily living. MUSIC * ART * SPORTS PRE- CIVIL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL DRAWING HOME ECONOMICS, ETC. Apply At Once CULTER A C A D E M Y 332 So. Virgil Aye., Los Angeles Phone EX. 1134

P a ten ted in U. S. A . and oth er countries. F a m o u s th e w o rld o v er fo r fi f t y years.

• S w eet ton e • Astonishing volume • E a s ily ca rried • In ex p en sive S u ita b le fo r M issions, Camps, Sunday Schools, H om es, etc. Write for descriptive folder and prices, GEO. BILHORN & CO. 1414 M cLen n A ve., D ept. K , C h icago, 111. Have you heard God’s challenge to labor in home or foreign field? Training at B IO T A w ill equip you for effective service. See page 282.

After high school-what? There's an answer for every young Christian . . . Moody Bible Institute. If you're going on to college, get established in your faith first. If you're planning on business, take a year off and study your Bible. If you expect to be a preacher or a missionary, investigate the longer specialized courses. Tuition is free, with living ex­ penses and private music lessons at reasonable rates. Write for details. Next term, Sept. 9.


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The War and

Your Boy’s Schooling “How docs the war change my plans for my hoy's education?" This is a question you are asking^ if you are a parent of a boy of junior or senior high school age. Talk with the leaders in educa­ tion, the government, the church, and here is what you will probably conclude: 1. This may be a long war, perhaps three to five years, with the problems of peace almost as disrupting as war in its effect on education. 2. Boys now twelve to eighteen years o f age may have little opportunity for college education of the type we have prized. Soon after graduation from secondary school either they will be in the armed services or they will be in college on accelerated schedules. 3. Only in an independent boarding school can a boy find the cultural values that he would have found in his liberal arts college. 4. While high school work is necessarily interrupted by war demands, the private school continues to emphasize thorough, con­ scientious academic work. 5. The boarding school still gives sound basic training in mathematics, languages, and science, all o f which we are emphatically told by Army and Navy officers, are very much needed by officer candidates. 6. Last but not least, now, more than ever, a boy needs the character-building influences of a Christian school of Stony Brook’s type.

Sounds impossible? Give and receive at the same time? Not at all—not when you read “A Gift That Lives!’ That’s the title of a little book which has brought peace of mind and freedom from worry to thousands of men and women. You too may find in its pages just the Plan for you. Find out how you can receive an American Bible Society check regularly as long as you live—how you can at the same time further the work of distrib­ uting the Bible throughout the world. Annuity Agreements of the American Bible Society have proven a sound program for nearly 100 years and they stand today as firm and strong as ever. Every Christian should learn all the facts. Send for the booklet “ A Gift That Lives!’ MA I L THE C OU P ON TODAY Please send me, without obligation, your I booklet K B -2 4 entitled “ A G ift That Lives!* | Name ............... .........................................■j Address ...................................................... I City . .State American Bible Society, Bible House, New York, N . Ÿ .

If, before the war, you had planned on college for your boy after high school, ask yourself if every argument does not indi- cate a good boarding school for A Stony Brook catalogue and the bulletin, STONY BROOK EDUCATION IN WARTIME, on request. him THIS FALL.


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c J tonyBrookJchool Frank E. Gaebelcin, Litt. 1)., Headmaster Stony Brook, lo n g Island, New York Please mention King’s Business

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