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The Story of Fluffy, Our Viral Sensation

If you watched the news or spent any time on the internet during the month of February, you might have heard about Fluffy, the frozen cat that was rushed into our clinic after being found in a snowbank. The entire situation was crazy, but it was one of those things where your instincts just kick in and your brain and muscles start moving. You don’t realize how much training and experience you have until you need to put it to the test. I am very thankful for Dr. Corum and our technical staff who made this a happy ending.

You hear about stories going viral all the time, but it’s surreal to watch it happen to you. I’m just glad we went viral for something good! In the following days, we were flooded with thank-you messages. Many of them were in languages none of us could read, but they had a lot of kissy faces at the end! Some people even sent us letters and comments from their cat’s point of view, writing things like, “My name is Puff, and I wanted to thank you for saving Fluffy!” It was so funny and a nice reminder that people really value what we do.

You hear about stories going viral all the time, but it’s surreal to watch it happen to you.

If you missed this story, I’m proud to report we were able to help Fluffy pull through. We thawed this frozen cat with warm water, heated blankets, a blow dryer, and a heated kennel. Later, we sent her to the emergency room for more treatment. There, Fluffy made a full recovery and was home before midnight. With her owners’ permission, I shared this cool story on our Facebook page. I expected we might get a few likes. I did not expect to get interview requests from international news outlets.

To be perfectly honest, though, we really didn’t do anything any other clinic wouldn’t have done. And we don’t even deserve most of the credit. Pets are incredible. They have such a strong will to live. If you give them a shot, oftentimes things work out well. I’ve practiced long enough that things like a frozen cat coming back to life doesn’t shock me. That’s what cats do. And Fluffy is resilient. I’ve been practicing for 24 years, and I’ve never had something like this viral moment happen to me. It will probably never happen again, but it was really fun getting to connect with people from all over the world.

The local news picked up the story first, and after that my phone started blowing up. I had Facebook requests from CBS New York and ABC New York, followed by hundreds of others. By Thursday, things just exploded. Andrea and I were doing hundreds of interviews and granting requests for people to share the story or use our pictures. I thought things would die down the next day, but on Friday, Fluffy went international. The story spread across Europe, and during the following week, it reached the far east. Soon we were hearing from people in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

People love their animals, and this experience was a nice reminder that the “Human-Animal Bond” is not just a cultural phenomenon, it’s a part of our nature. I’ve enjoyed being part of the process and am glad the work we do can touch so many lives.

And in case you’re wondering, Fluffy is still doing well. She’s happy and warm … and adjusting to life as an indoor cat, for now.

—Dr. Jevon Clark 406.755.6886


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