No have insurance, no can drive

them behind the wheel without valid insur- ance. Const. Robillard Cardinal was doing a la- ser radar check on Highway 417 the early afternoon of March 25 when he clocked a Toyota Corolla going 128 kilometres an hour in a posted 100kmh zone. After pulling the car over the officer dis- covered the vehicle licence plate was ex- pired. The 33-year-old Ottawa man driving the car also did not have valid insurance. The car was towed to the impound yard

and the driver ticketed for driving with no insurance and without a valid vehicle per- mit. OnMarch Const. Sébastien Brissonwas on afternoon patrol on Highway 417 when he pulled over a speeding Mazda Tribute. The 42-year-old Ottawa man driving the Mazda wasn’t able to provide a valid vehicle insur- ance card and a computer check showed his driver’s licence was also suspended. He is now charged with driving while under suspension, speeding, and failure to have a valid vehicle insurance card. Two residents of Alfred-Plantagenet Township also have appointments pending in traffic court in L’Orignal.

Const. Anne-Christine Gauthier pulled over a red Chevrolet on County Road 9 in Plantagenet on March 27. The officer sus- pected the vehicle was not insured and a check proved her right. The 41-year-old woman driving the car is now charged with driving without insur- ance. Just before midnight that same day Const. Gauthier intercepted a 1999 Buick Regal on Concession Street in the village of Plantagenet. The 46-year-old driving the car is now charged with driving without insur- ance. Police warn drivers that the fine for not having valid vehicle insurance is $5000.


The first weeks of spring just seemed to be the time for the police to harvest an early bumper crop of drivers without valid in- surance in the Prescott-Russell region. Two Ottawa drivers are expected to make a return visit to the region for provincial court dates at L’Orignal after police caught

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A Québec woman will be making a return trip to Ontario to face a collection of charges resulting from her April visit to Rockland. The OPP received a call April 3 about a vehicle seen swerving along County Road 17 through Rockland. Police found the vehicle in a ditch near the Canaan Road intersection. The woman who was driving the vehicle was taken back to the OPP station in Rockland on suspicion of impaired driving. While at the station there was a disturbance and several officers were assaulted. The 30-year-old woman from Les Côteaux, QC, now faces charges of dangerous driving, minor possession of marijuana, impaired driving, and driving with a blood-alcohol content exceeding 80 milligrams. She also has two counts of mischief under a value of $5000 and four counts of assaulting a police officer. Her provincial court date in L’Orignal is April 24. Drunk driver racks up charges A 22-year-oldWendover man is charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm, dan- gerous driving causing bodily harm, and failure to submit to a breathalyser test after an incident April 7 on County Road 17. The man was driving a vehicle when it went off the road and hit a street light post. A woman who was a passenger in the vehicle was taken to Ottawa Civic Hospital for treat- ment of serious injuries. The driver was also taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Slow drunk Taking it slow on the road earned a 26-year-old Plantagenet man a date in provincial court later in the month. OPP highway patrol April 5 found a driver going very slow on County Road 17 in Rock- land. The vehicle was also noted swerving side to side as it went. The driver of the vehicle now faces charges of impaired driving and driving with a blood- alcohol content exceeding 80 milligrams. He is also charged with dangerous driving and, following a vehicle search, with cocaine possession and possession of a minor amount of marijuana. Stunt driver stopped An 18-year-old Hammond man lost both his driver’s licence and his car for seven days after he was stopped for speed racing on Bouvier Road in Clarence Creek. An OPP patrol along that road April 7 clocked the vehicle at 105 kilometres an hour in a posted 50kph zone. The driver was charged under the speed/stunt driving section of the provincial Highway Traffic Act. Domestic assault A 22-year-old Wendover man will be in provincial court in L’Orignal at the end of the month for a domestic assault case that began in Rockland. Police received a call April 4 about a domestic disturbance in the Giroux Street neigh- bourhood. A woman filed a complaint of assault against her ex-partner. Weekend accident Alcohol was involved in a weekend accident in Rockland.

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