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09. HYGRO-ADJUSTABLE CONTROLLED MECHANICAL VENTILATION The controlled mechanical ventilation system guarantees indoor air quality by renewing stale air inside the properties continuously and in a controlled manner.

on both sides and thermal-acoustic interior insulation. The separations between properties are formed by perforated brick and lined on both sides, by means of laminated plasterboard over a steel structure and thermal-acoustic insulation inside. This means that the construction system is eco-efficient and sustainable. The laminated plasterboard face protection using multi-layer cellulose provides greater strength than anything based on traditional plastering. The result is hygroscopic and acts like a “third skin” to combat damp, absorbing it when the air is excessively humid and expelling it when the air is dry. 07. INTERIOR CLADDING Floors: Living-dining-kitchen and bedrooms tiled with porcelain stoneware. Designer ceramic in bathrooms and toilets Ceilings: Dropped ceiling in bathrooms and/or toilets for preinstallation of air conditioning equipment and ventilation system maintenance. False laminated plasterboard ceiling throughout the property (except bathrooms and toilets), finished with smooth plastic paint. Walls: Kitchen: Compact slab cladding between worktop and upper furniture, finished in aluminium. The bathroom and toilet walls are covered in designer stoneware, in combination with other materials. The walls are covered with smooth plastic paint. 08. CLIMATE CONTROL AND HOTWATER The properties will be delivered with the preinstallation of climate control systems based on conduits with grilles in the bedrooms and living rooms. The hot water is supplied via a centralised solar panel installation with individual meters and individual electric boilers for support.


01. ROOF Non-trafficable flat roof, accessible for installa- tion conservation and maintenance only. It consists of a dual waterproofing layer with thermal insulation and heavy protection on top of that. 02. FAÇADE The exterior façades are made from ceramic bricks with an exterior heat insulation system and finished with acrylic cladding. The interior is finished with double laminated plasterboard. The heat insulation for the exterior is based on covering the façade with insulating panels to create a shield that prevents heat egress in winter and heat ingress in summer, thereby achieving maximum energy savings for your heating and air conditioning. The reduced use of energy directly lowers CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere, while the optimal heat performance by the property provides inhabitants with a comfortable and healthy environment. 03. TERRACES The property terraces are tiled using stone tiles suitable for outdoor use. A glass safety railing will be installed, with a low The exterior joinery consists of PVC profiles. The windows can be sliding, tilting or folding, depending on each specific design. Large windows in the living rooms with a fixed panel, no shutter. Th e b e d r o om s hu t t e r s a r e ma d e f r om aluminium with insulation and finished in the same colour as the joinery. brick wall in some areas. 04. EXTERIOR JOINERY

The windows are low-E double-glazing. The main advantage of Low Emissive glazing is the improved energy efficiency it provides, reducing your heating and air conditioning bills. They minimise heat loss from the property because they reflect part of the energy produced by the heating systemand return it to the indoor environment. Furthermore, they also offer extraordinary natural light transition properties that add to a perfect combination between heat energy savings and harnessing the light from outside. Low Emissive glazing reduces heat loss in winter and a solar factor control layer is added for south-facing properties in order to minimise the heat transfer effect to the interior by reflecting part of the incoming energy. 05. INTERIOR JOINERY The main door to the property is reinforced, with an interior in the same style as the other doors. The interior doors have a lacquer finish. All interior hinged doors are 35 mm thick, with steel hinges and fittings. The modular wardrobes are fully fitted with shelves, a hanging rail and drawers. 06. INTERIOR LAYOUT The interior partition walls between the different rooms in the house are made from laminated plasterboard over an intermediate steel structure

The system is based on the air sweeping principle inside the properties, from the dry rooms (bedrooms and living room) to the wet rooms (kitchen and bathrooms). Because the system is fitted with grilles, the ventilation flow is automatically adapted to the needs of the occupants in each space based on the humidity level, providing a higher level of comfort and energy savings for the climate control systems. The benefits for the property are numerous as it guarantees proper indoor air quality by constantly renewing the atmosphere and removing the stale air while also eliminating exterior noise because there is no need to open windows for ventilation.

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