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DRIVEN Racing Oil


NEW!! GP-1 Semi Synthetic High Performance Oil

You’ll find Driven Coolant System Protector in the “Water Pumps & Cooling Products” section!

Break-In Oil - Choose from two viscosities. The additive package promotes ring sealing and provides maximum protection for cams and lifters during initial break-in. Assembly Grease - Used in all Joe Gibbs engines, this unique formula completely dissolves in oil. Proven protection when used with Gibbs Break-In Oil. GP-1 Engine Oil - More than 30% Better Wear Protection and Increased Horsepower. Ideal for Classic Car & Competition. High Temperature and High Load Protection. HVL - High Viscosity Lubricant – Provides tenacious, fluid film to protect internal components during assembly; blends with break-in oil & extends film thickness during break-in. Hot Rod Oil - Now choose conventional and synthetic. Designed specifically for hot rods, street rods and vintage vehicles, Hot Rod oils deliver proper anti-wear protection for flat tappet engines , and they contain critical additives to protect engines during storage . XP0 Racing Oil - Ultra-low viscosity synthetic oil - recommended for V8 qualifying. XP1 Racing Oil - Synthetic for Unrestricted V8 engines with clearances under .0025” XP2 Racing Oil - Synthetic for Restrictor Plate/NHRA Stock Eliminator/Rolex Grand American engines & clearances under .0020”. XP3 Racing Oil - Synthetic with high shear/high temp. protection for big block V8, sprint and midget engines & clearances under .0027”. Now available in 10 quart jugs! XP4 Racing Oil - High zinc, petroleum non-synthetic formula. Excellent low-cost protection for dirt and nitrous racers that change oil frequently. BB, flat tappet and nitrous engines. Now available in 10 quart jugs! XP5 Racing Oil - Lower cost semi-synthetic for high temp shear and oxidation stability. Now available in 10 quart jugs! XP6 Racing Oil - Synthetic that provides excellent film thickness and cold start protection for aluminum blocks and temps that exceed 280° F. XP7 Racing Oil - Semi-synthetic with high zinc content - good viscosity for hydraulic lifter race engines. XP8 Racing Oil - High zinc, petroleum non-synthetic formula. Excellent low-cost protection for drag racers that change oil frequently. SB, flat tappet & tight clearance nitrous engines. XP9 Racing Oil - Provides increased high temp & high shear protection for wet sump, high compression engines. Ideal for high output steel block engines. Compatible with methanol & high octane race fuels. XP10 Racing Oil - Provides increased horsepower improved ring seal. Ideal for wet sump & 800+ C.I.D. drag race & restricted air flow engines with tight clearances. FR20 Synthetic Oil - Designed for high performance Ford modular engines. It's ideal for supercharged Ford modular engines & provides high temperature & high shear protection. FR50 Synthetic Oil - Provides the required viscosity for Ford Coyote oiling, their variable timing systems while providing protection for performance cams. LS30 Synthetic Oil - Designed for high performance & supercharged LS series engines. It's also ideal for LS-based crate engines, & provides high temperature & high shear protection. DP40 Turbo Diesel Oil - Delivers enhanced film thickness & advanced wear protection for turbocharged diesel engines. DT40 Synthetic Oil - Formulated to be ideal protection for modern high performance German, Italian & British sports car engines. DT50 Synthetic Oil - Formulated to be ideal protection for high performance German vintage air-cooled engines. MR50 Synthetic Oil - Excellent protection for high performance big block & supercharged marine engines. Rust inhibitors provide defense against ethanol blended fuels & protection during winter storage. HD50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil - Excellent protection for air-cooled motorcycle engines including flat tappet, V-twins & high performance. Rust inhibitors provide defense against ethanol blended fuels & protection during winter storage. KRT – 4 Stroke Karting Oil - Formulated for increased horsepower & durability at high temperatures. Ideal for Clone, Honda & Briggs engines. MX1 Wet Clutch Racing Oil - Developed for JGR MX racing to increase horsepower & provide flawless wet-clutch performance. Ideal for competitive motorcycle, mini-sprint, ATV, UTV & snowmobile engines. GO 75W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oil - Next generation synthetic oil & proprietary additive package. STF Synchromesh Transmission Fluid - Provides excellent syncronizer performance, reduces wear, & exceeds GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda & Mini Cooper performance requirements. MTF - Manual Transmission Fluid - Designed for NON-SYNCHRONIZED oval track/ drag racing transmissions to reduce drag losses & provide smoother shifting. ATI Super F - Automatic Transmission Fluid - A premium synthetic ATF designed for Racing, Street Rod & Extreme Performance applications. See the Driven Racing Oil catalog for more details!


Part # EPWI

Break-In Lubricants BR20 5W-20 Break-In Oil - Quart BR30 5W-30 Break-In Oil - Quart BR40 10W-40 Break-In Oil - Quart BR 15W-50 Break-In Oil - Quart

6.39 6.64 6.64 6.64

04346 01806 03706 00106 05308 05408 00732 00728 50050 02006 01506 03806 03906 02106 01606 00406 00006 00206 00306 00506 00906 01006 01706 01906 03206 03306 18606 18406 18306 18506 18206 02806 02406 02508 02606 03006 04106 02906 03106 02706 03406 04230 00630 00830 01206 04006 01306 02206 03506 05530 70030 70070 19206 19306 19336 19406 19506 19706

25.88 25.98 3.19 19.28 7.88

DBR Break In Oil Diesel 15w40 1 Gallon DR40 High Zinc Semi-Syn Diesel Oil 15w40 1 Gal.

Assembly Grease - 1 oz. Tube Assembly Grease - 1 lb. Tub

HVL High Viscosity Lubricant - 8 oz. Bottle Hot Rod Oils 10W-30 HR-2 Conventional Oil - Quart 10W-30 HR-4 Synthetic Oil - Quart HR Conventional 10W-40 Oil - Quart HR Synthetic 10W-40 Oil - Quart 15W-50 HR-1 Conventional Oil - Quart 15W-50 HR-3 Synthetic Oil - Quart

6.64 8.30 6.64 8.30 6.64 8.30

Racing Oils XP0 0W-5 Oil - Quart XP1 5W-20 Oil - Quart XP2 0W-20 Oil - Quart XP3 10W-30 Oil - Quart XP4 15W-50 Oil - Quart XP5 20W-50 Oil - Quart XP6 15W-50 Oil - Quart XP7 15W-40 Oil - Quart XP8 5W-30 Oil - Quart XP9 10W-40 Oil - Quart XP10 0W-10 - Quart

15.38 15.48 15.48 12.48 12.48 8.08 6.64 12.88 6.64 8.08 15.48 12.98 11.98 11.98 12.98 11.98

Direct Injection Oils D160 10W-60 Direct Injection Synthetic Oil - Quart D140 0W-40 Direct Injection Synthetic Oil - Quart D130 5W-30 Direct Injection Synthetic Oil - Quart D150 15W-50 Direct Injection Synthetic Oil - Quart D120 0W-20 Direct Injection Synthetic Oil - Quart Specialty High Performance Oils DT50 15W-50 Air-Cooled High Zinc Synthetic - Quart DT40 5W-40 European High Zinc Synthetic - Quart DP40 5W-40 Turbo-Diesel Synthetic Oil - 1 Gal. Jug MR50 15W-50 Marine High Zinc Synthetic - Quart FR20 5W-20 Ford Modular High Zinc Synthetic - Quart FR50 10W-50 Ford Coyote High Zinc Synthetic-Quart LS30 5W-30 LS Series High Zinc Synthetic - Quart MX1 5W-30 Wet Clutch PowerSports Racing Oil - Quart HD50 15W-50 High Zinc Motorcycle Oil - Quart KRT 0W-20 4-Stroke Kart Synthetic Oil - Quart

9.88 9.88

35.78 8.68 9.88 9.88 9.88 14.39 9.59 15.38 14.98 16.60 16.60 15.85 14.96 9.78 7.99 12.23 17.28 13.88 45.68

Powertrain Lubricants GO 75W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oil - Quart

75W-110 Gear Oil - Quart

Super Speedway Gear Oil 80W - Quart MTF - Manual Transmission Fluid - Quart STF - Synchromesh Transmission Fluid - Quart ATI Super F Automatic Transmission Fluid - Quart ATI Max Duty Super F Automatic Transmission Fluid PSF - Power Steering Fluid - Quart

75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil - GL-5

Extreme Pressure Grease

Spline Grease

Semi-Synthetic High Performance Oil GP-1 Semi-Synthetic 5W-20 - Quart GP-1 Semi-Synthetic 10W-30 - Quart GP-1 High Performance Break-In 30W - Quart GP-1 Semi-Synthetic 15W-40 - Quart GP-1 Semi-Synthetic 20W-50 - Quart

7.08 7.08 7.08 7.08 7.08

GP-1 Nitro 70W - Quart 7.28 All Driven Racing Products Qualify for your Elite Discount

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