EPWI Winter 2020-2021 Specials Catalog



Distributors of These Quality Product Lines EARLS PERFORMANCE PLUMBING & (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Fittings & Performance Plumbing ECO-LOOP & (WEBSITE) Spill Proof Flexible Funnel EDELBROCK (CATALOG) MAXIFORCE & (CATALOG) Light-Medium Diesel Engine Parts

REMFLEX (CATALOG) Flexible Graphite Exhaust Gaskets ROCKER ARM REBUILDERS O Q T (WEBSITE) Rebuilt Rocker Assemblies ROSS & (CATALOG) High Performance Pistons ROYAL PURPLE (WEBSITE) Break-In Oil, Synthetic Motor Oil, Racing Oil, Assembly Lube, Gear Oil, P.S., A.T. & M.T. Fluids, Coolant Additive RUSSELL & (CATALOG) Wide Assortment of Plumbing Solutions SAFETY & (CATALOG) Gaskets & Pistons SBI (CATALOG) E-Loy Valves, Valve Train Parts & J-Loy Seats & Booster Shims SCE (CATALOG) High Performance Gaskets SRP (CATALOG) Performance Pistons SCAT ENTERPRISES (CATALOG) Crankshafts, Connecting Rods & Rotating Assemblies SEALED POWER (CATALOG) Engine Parts SILVER SEAL O (CATALOG) Shop Supplies SILVOLITE PISTONS (CATALOG) Leading Producer of Cast & Forged Pistons SPEED-PRO (CATALOG) Performance Engine Parts SUNNEN (CATALOG) Shop Supplies T&D MACHINE & (CATALOG) High Performance Shaft Rocker Systems TCI (CATALOG) High Performance Torque Converters, Transmis- sions, Parts & Balancers TAYLOR CABLE PRODUCTS (CATALOG) High Performance Ignition Wires, Cables, Acces- sories & Electrical Products TIFFIN / IPW & (WEBSITE) Japanese Industrial Engine Parts TIME-SERT / BIG-SERT (WEBSITE) Screw Thread Inserts & Tools TOPLINE (CATALOG) Import Vehicle Engine Parts TOTAL SEAL (CATALOG) Performance Piston Ring Sets TRAC PRO / ESCO & (CATALOG) Med./Heavy Duty Diesel & Forklift Parts VICTOR REINZ B (CATALOG) OE Replacement Gaskets & Sets WISECO B (CATALOG) Performance Pistons WEIAND (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Intake Manifolds & Water Pumps WORLD PRODUCTS (CATALOG) Stock & Performance Cylinder Heads, Blocks & Intake Manifolds YELLA TERRA & (CATALOG) High Performance Shaft Rocker Systems ZDDPLUS (CATALOG)


MAXIMA RACING OIL (CATALOG) Break In Oil, Racing Oil, Assembly Lube, Clean- ers, Lube, ATF, Coolant M c LEOD & (WEBSITE) Performance Clutches MELLING (CATALOG) Replacement & Performance Oil Pumps & Engine Parts MILODON (CATALOG) Performance Products MOROSO (CATALOG) Performance Products MR. GASKET (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Products, Gaskets & Accessories MSD (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Ignition Products NATIONAL SEALS (CATALOG) Grease Seals, O-Rings, Oil Seals & V-Rings NGK (WEBSITE) Racing Spark Plugs NOS & (CATALOG) Leader in Nitrous Technology OLIVER B (CATALOG) Racing Connecting Rods PC RINGS (CATALOG) Mahle Original Piston Rings PRW / PERFORMANCE QUOTIENT (CATALOG) Flywheels & Flexplates, Rocker Arms, Stud Girdles, Gear Drives, Water Pumps, Dampers & Engine Test Stands PAC SPRINGS (CATALOG) High Performance Valve Springs/Valvetrain PACKARD INDUSTRIES && (WEBSITE) Obsolete Engine Parts PERMA-COIL (CATALOG) Helical Thread Inserts & Tools PERMATEX (CATALOG) Sealants, Adhesives, Thread Lockers & Chemicals PERTRONIX IGNITOR (CATALOG) Breakerless Ignition Systems, Coils & Distributors DOUG’S / JBA / PATRIOT & (CATALOG) Doug’s Headers, JBA Performance Exhaust & Patriot Exhaust PIONEER (CATALOG) Freeze Plugs, Harmonic Balancers, Valve Train Components, Motor Mounts, Transmission Filters & Shop Supplies POWERMASTER A B D O (CATALOG) Performance Alternators, Starters & Accessories PRO CHEM A O P (CATALOG) Environmentally Sound Automotive Cleaning Products PRO-FILER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS B D O Q (CATALOG) Performance Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS (WEBSITE) Performance Intake Manifolds, Balancers, Distributors, Fuel Injection Systems, Fuel Filters & Gauges PROFORM (CATALOG) GM “Bowtie” & Ford “Logo” Accessories, Performance Components, Engine Builder Tools, Distributors, Starters & Alternators QUICK FUEL TECHNOLOGIES (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Carburetors, Fuel Pumps & Rebuild Kits & Parts, Fuel System Accessories RHS (CATALOG) Racing Head Service Stock & Performance Cylinder Heads RACE PAK (CATALOG) Performance Instrumentation, Data Loggers, Power Distribution Modules RACING POWER COMPANY (CATALOG) Engine & Transmission Dress-Up Accessories, Cooling, Street Rod & Electrical Accessories REDHORSE (CATALOG) Quality Fittings & Hose REGIS (CATALOG) Machine Shop Supplies

Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pressure Regulators, & Fuel System Accessories AERVOE/CROWN/ZYNOLITE (RESOURCE CENTER) Aervoe & Zynolite Paints, Crown ToolMates, Lubricants & Chemicals, Spray Tools AIR FLOW RESEARCH (CATALOG) High Performance Cylinder Heads AMERICAN CYLINDER HEAD & (WEBSITE) Diesel & Gas Head Repair & Remanufacturing ARP (CATALOG) High Performance Fasteners ATI PERFORMANCE (CATALOG) Super Dampers & Timing Pointers ATK-VEGE (CATALOG) Remanufactured Cylinder Heads AUTO METER (CATALOG) Performance Gauges & Pods BBK B (TECH FAQ’S) Performance Throttle Bodies, Intake Manifolds, Fuel System Accessories, and exhaust systems B&M & (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Parts B&P RODS (CATALOG) Remanufactured Connecting Rods BILL MITCHELL RACING PROD. & (WEBSITE) Performance Heads & Blocks BRODIX & (CATALOG) Heads, Blocks, Manifolds CALLIES & ( CATALOG) High Performance Cranks, Rods, Cams & Blocks CANTON RACING (CATALOG) Oil Pans, Oil Systems, Sumps & Components CARTER (CATALOG) Fuel Pumps & Components CHAMPION (CATALOG) Racing Spark Plugs CLEVITE (CATALOG) Engine Bearings & Engine Parts CLOYES (TECH CENTER) Timing Kits & Parts COMETIC GASKETS (CATALOG) MLS Head, Intake & Exhaust Gaskets & Misc. Gaskets COMP CAMS (CATALOG) High Performance Cams & Valvetrain CRANE (CATALOG) High Performance Cams, Valvetrain, Ignition & Components CVR HIGH PERFORMANCE (CATALOG) Oil Pumps, Cooling System Components, Alter- nators & Starters, Timing Covers, Fuel System Accessories DAMPER DOCTOR (WEBSITE) Rebuilt Harmonic Balancers DART MACHINERY (CATALOG) Performance Cylinder Heads, Blocks & Intake Manifolds DARTON B (CATALOG) Performance Cylinder Sleeves DELTA CAMSHAFT & (WEBSITE) Reground Camshafts DEMON (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Carburetors & Fuel System Accessories DIAMOND & (CATALOG) Performance Pistons DORMAN B D O (CATALOG) OE Solutions Intake Manifolds, Distributors, Cam Synchronizers, Oil Pans & Timing Covers DRIVEN RACING OIL (CATALOG) Break-In Oil, Hot Rod Oil, Racing Oil, Assembly Lube, Gear Oil, P.S., A.T. & M.T. Fluids, Degreaser & Brake Cleaner D.U.I. B D O (CATALOG) Performance Distributors & Ignition, Access. DURA-BOND (CATALOG) Cam Bearings, Valve Seats & Shims EAGLE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS (CATALOG) Crankshafts, Connecting Rods & Rotating Assemblies

Performance Intake Manifolds, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, Engine & Fuel Components, Accessories EDGE PRODUCTS & (WEBSITE) Performance Electronics EGGE MACHINE & (CATALOG) Obsolete Engine Parts ELGIN (CATALOG) Push Rods & Rocker Arms ENGINE PRO (CATALOG) Valves & Performance Valvetrain Components, Timing, Cams, Racing Rings, Harmonic Balancers, Connecting Rods, Engine Bearings, Gasket Sets, Paint, Lubricants ENGINEQUEST (CATALOG) Specialty Parts

Engine Kits , Crankshafts, Lift- ers, Reground Cams, Cylinder Heads, Valves, Valve Seats, Cast & Bronze Valve Guides, Chrome Accessories, Sealers, Glass Bead, Steel Shot Engine Kits, Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Rocker Arms & Kits, Pushrod & Gasket Sets Performance Cast Iron & Aluminum Cylinder Heads Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads (By Edelbrock)

E-Z UP & (WEBSITE) Customized Instant Shade & Shelter FAST (CATALOG) EFI, Intake Manifold, & Ignition FEDERAL MOGUL (CATALOG) Sealed Power, Speed-Pro & FP Diesel Engine Parts, Fel-Pro Gaskets, Carter Fuel Pumps, Champion Filters & Racing Plugs FEL-PRO (CATALOG) Replacement & Performance Gaskets & Components FERREA (CATALOG) Performance Valves FITECH (CATALOG) EFI & Fuel Delivery Systems HOLLEY (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Performance Fuel, Air & Engine Products HOOKER & (HOLLEY CATALOGS) Complete Exhaust Solutions HOWARDS CAMS (CATALOG) Performance Cams & Valvetrain ISKENDERIAN B (CATALOG) Performance Cams & Components IMC & (WEBSITE) European Vehicle Engine Parts ITM (WEBSITE) Import Vehicle Engine Parts ICON (CATALOG) Performance Forged Pistons by KB JE & (CATALOG) Performance Pistons KB (CATALOG) Performance Hypereutectic Pistons KING (CATALOG) Performance Engine Bearings K-LINE (WEBSITE) Guide Liners LOCTITE (CATALOG) Thread Lockers, Sealants & Adhesives LUNATI & (CATALOG) FLUIDAMPR (WEBSITE) Performance Harmonic Balancers FP DIESEL (CATALOG) Heavy/Medium Duty Diesel Kits HASTINGS (CATALOG) Piston Rings Camshaft, Valvetrain & Timing Components MAHLE ORIGINAL (CATALOG) Pistons, Piston Rings, Clevite Bearings, OE/ Performance Gaskets & Sets MAHLE MOTORSPORT (CATALOG) Performance Pistons & Rings

ZDDP Extreme Pressure Oil Additive ZEX A B D O (CATALOG) Nitrous Systems & Components

Call your nearest location for availability of specific products. We can ship products to you from any of our locations. Footnotes: A Stocked In Albuquerque O Stocked In Oakland B Stocked In Denver P Stocked In Phoenix D Stocked In Dallas Q Stocked In Portland H Stocked In Houston S Stocked In San Antonio L Stocked In Anaheim T Stocked In Tacoma K Stocked In Oklahoma City & Special Order N Stocked In Anchorage No footnote - Stocked in all locations

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