EPWI Winter 2020-2021 Specials Catalog

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Black Crinkle, Red Emblem Dress-Up Kit - P/N: 141-758

Every bit the premium offering their aggressive, stylish look suggests. Showcase your Chevrolet pride every time you pop the hood! Chevrolet & Bowtie Emblem Slant-Edge Engine Dress-Up Parts

Hands down the hottest look in engine dress-up! Comes with everything you need for show day! Chevy Small Block Gen I (1959-1986).



• Slant-Edge Valve Covers Part No. 141-921 • Slant-Edge Air Cleaner Kit Part No. 141-830 • Slant-Edge Breather Cap Part No. 141-858





Part No. Description A. 141-751 Valve Covers; Tall Style B. 141-756 Wing Nuts; 1/4"-20 (8x) C. 141-753 Timing Chain Cover

Part No. Description D. 141-752 14" Air Cleaner Kit E. 141-754 Push-In Breather Cap F. 141-757 8-Hold Down Clamps

• 14 ” Slant-Edge Air Cleaner Kit Part No. 440-834 • Blue Omega “M” Air Breather Cap Part No. 440-754 • B/RB Engine Valve Covers Part No. 440-811 • LA Engine Valve Covers Part No. 440-751 Show-off your Pentastar Pride with the MOPAR and Omega “M” Emblem dress-up parts! MOPAR Emblem Dress-Up Parts �

Give your engine look a stylish overhaul with this Black CrinkleDress-Up kit. Kit includes valve covers, air cleaner, breather cap, and mini nuts! Black Crinkle Dress-Up Kit w/ Red Emblems - P/N: 302-500

These complete high performance distributor kits will convert your old point-type ignition to new electronic ignition. MOPAR Emblem Distributor Conversion Kit

• 13 ” Air Cleaner Kit Part No. 302-380 • Tall-Style Valve Cover Part No. 302-135 • Push-In Air Breather Cap Part No. 302-435 Slant-Edge Ford Emblem Dress-Up Parts

Distributors Conversion Kit* 440-430 440-426


LA Engines '64-'91 B/RB Engines '64-'91



440-432 440-428

RB & Hemi 426

PROFORM Specialty Engine Building Tools

Part No. 66792 Top Dead Center Locator

Tools that were once only available to a few, are now affordable enough for every toolbox and need to be in every gearhead’s hand.

Part No. - 66785 Manual Piston Ring Filer

Part No. 66784 Stud Mount Spring Compressor

Part No. 66896 Chevy Oil Pump Primer


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