EPWI Winter 2020-2021 Specials Catalog

Retail Kiosk Displays! Three-sided display racks are now available to help you sell! • Get a free Kiosk display rack with the purchase of any combination of three panels! • You get a 5% discount, plus your Elite discount, on your initial three- panel assortments! • The Kiosk display rack & three assortments are shipped prepaid from Denver! • All products are stocked by & replenished from your branch warehouse! • Special payment terms for qualified customers! Check with your salesperson for details. ENGINE & PERFORMANCE WAREHOUSE


Part # PANELEPG1 Intake Valves Timing Sets Exhaust Valves Total value: $1,041.46 Less 5%: $989.39 Elite price: $890.45



3-panel set Includes sizes 03, 06, 08, 10 & 12 Includes red/blue, black & clear Straight, 45º & 90º female hose ends Edelbrock & Holley carb fittings AN/JIC flare plug, male-to-male flare union, male flare tee AN/JIC female to female swivel coupling AN/JIC female to male reducer AN/JIC straight male & 90º bulkhead adapters AN/JIC bulkhead Nut Tube nut & sleeves Male to O-ring port adapter Straight male to male adapters NPT 90º & 45º male to male adapters NPT male-to-female reducer NPT hex head pipe plug (205-235) Series Premium e85 Black Nylon Hose Total value: $2460.93 Less 5%: 2337.88 Elite price: $2,104.10

Engine Dress-Up Kits Air Cleaners & Center Nuts Chrome Valve covers Aluminum Valve covers Hold Down Bars Breather Caps Oil Pans Block Off Plates Timing Covers & Tabs Wire Looms Dip Sticks

Pushrods & Guide Plates Harmonic Balancers Timing Pointers Spring Cups, Retainers & Locks Rocker Arm Studs Cam Thrust Buttons Valve Stem Seals Total value: $1,583.42 Less 5%: $1,504.25 Elite price: $1,353.82



Timing Covers

Valve Springs Lubricants Total value: $664.80 Less 5%: $631.56 Elite price: $568.40

Special value: $661.39 Elite price: $595.25


Part # PANELCOMP Single & Dual Valve Springs Beehive Valve Springs Cam Lock Plate Cam Thrust Button Guide Plates High Energy Camshafts High Energy Hydraulic Lifters High Energy Pushrods Lash Caps Lubricants Magnum Roller Rockers Rotator Eliminator Spring Retainers Valve Locks Valve Spring Locators


Cam Bolts Flywheel & Flexplate Bolts Harmonic Balancer Bolts

MSD Street Fire Distributor MSD Ignitions MSD Coils & Accessories MSD Distributors MSD Distributor Accessories MSD Street Fire Wire Sets Accel Wire Sets Mallory Cap & Rotor Kit Ignitor Electronic Ignition Flame Thrower Coils

Head Bolts Head Studs Lubes & Sealer

Main Bolts Main Studs Oil Pump Driveshafts Rocker Arm Studs Rod Bolts

Total value: $1,496.52 Less 5%: $1,421.69 Elite price: $1,279.52

Total value: $1,816.80 Less 5%: $1,725.96 Elite price: $1,553.36

Total value: $1,461.70 Less 5%: $1,388.62 Elite price: $1,249.75


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