Errigal Contracts Newsletter 2016

Feature Project 2 - Retail

Eldon Square Client: Sir Robert McAlpine Value: £800k

Errigal Contracts were appointed for the Partitions and Ceilings package in November 2015.

Enda McGarrity, Project Manager.

A large element of these works included a new feature GRG ceiling which was co-ordinated with a new lighting design to give a refreshing new look to well known Sidgate and High Friars Mall areas. Due to the complex nature of the project, many of the Bulkhead and Blind Box profiles were manafactured off site. In addition to this, the design and development of the GRG units were key to achieving the programme in time and on budget. Throughout a 25 week programme the construction team on site were the integral link between the design and what everyone would see as the new multimillion pound Eldon Square refurbishment.

Ceilings work at Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle. September 2016.

Ceilings and partitions at Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle. September 2016.

Thomas Dixon, Sir Robert McAlpine.

Wavey GRG wall panels at Eldon Leisure. October 2016.

Completed GRG Light Troughs. October 2016.

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