2962P Speedtiller Powerflex 6.5m Operator Safety Manual


IN THE EVENT OF HYDRAULIC SYSTEM FAILURE OR HYDRAULIC HOSE RUPTURE, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE STEPS SET OUT BELOW. Escaping Hydraulic fluid is dangerous and can cause serious injury or death.

STEP 1: PREPARE FOR SHUTDOWN. • Immediately return hydraulic lever to neutral position. • Stop operating machine.

STEP 4: APPLY THE LOCKOUT / TAG-OUT DEVICE. • Disconnect all hydraulic hoses from tractor remotes. • Place Lockout or Out of Service Tags on all hoses. STEP 5: CONTROL THE STORED ENERGY. • Ensure no hydraulic pressure remains in system, slowly release bleed tap (if equipped), or slightly loosen one hydraulic connection on each circuit to allow any remaining fluid under pressure to be released. • Double check the steps and verify that the equipment has been shut down and has the Lock and Tag Labels evident to prohibit operation. Have repairs carried out and defective parts replaced. Do not re-connect to tractor or other hydraulic power source, until system has been fully tested. STEP 6: VERIFY ISOLATION OF EQUIPMENT.

STEP 2: SHUTDOWN THE EQUIPMENT. • Use hydraulic lever to lower machine to ground (if in raised position).

STEP 3: ISOLATE THE EQUIPMENT. • Freely operate remote levers to release residual pressure from system. • If tractor is equipped place levers in float position. • Shut down tractor.


• Ensure tractor and machine electrical connections are compatible. • Plug lead into tractor terminal. • Test lighting prior to road travel. (Power not required for field work)




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