2962P Speedtiller Powerflex 6.5m Operator Safety Manual

Safety Information



HOOKING UP TO TRACTOR 1. Keep well clear when backing up to machine. 2. Shut down tractor. 3. Secure & lock drawbar pin in place. 4. Install safety chain by crossing the chains under the tongue and secure to the drawbar hitch frame of the tractor. 5. Clean all hydraulic couplings. 6. Hoses are color coded according to function 3.SAFETY INFORMATION - Hydraulic Co- lour Codes. 7. Beware of high pressure fluid. 8. Plug in hoses to respective remote ports. 9. Plug in electrical lead to tractor connection. 10. Release implement jack & store. 11. Check hydraulic cylinders are fully primed to avoid serious injury or death. Prime hydrau- lic system 3.HYDRAULIC OPERATION & SAFETY- Priming Hydraulic System. UNHOOKING 1. Machine must be fully lowered or in transport position with safety locks engaged. 2. Use wheel chocks. 3. Release hydraulic pressure from system. 4. Lock Implement jack in place. 5. Wind implement jack to take weight of machine off tractor drawbar. 6. Disconnect hydraulic hoses. 7. Disconnect electrical lead (if fitted). 8. Remove safety chains and drawbar pin. NOTE; If implement jack is damaged DO NOT USE, replace immediately, or severe bodily harm may result. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION HOOK UP 1. Ensure tractor and machine electrical con- nections are compatible. 2. Plug lead into tractor terminal. 3. Test lighting prior to road travel. (Power not required for field work.)

Figure : 3.24 Danger! CRUSHING HAZARD.

Figure : 3.25 Warning ! HIGH PRESSURE FLUID.

Figure : 3.26 Warning ! CRUSHING OF THE BODY.


2962P Speedtiller Powerflex


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