2962P Speedtiller Powerflex 6.5m Operator Safety Manual



• Check all pivot pins are fastened and anchor bolts are correctly tensioned. Follow tension specification, see metric & imperial torque tables. 5. MAINTENANCE - Bolt Torque Tables. • Before mounting wheel to machine, check all hub and rim contact surfaces are undamaged and free of paint, dirt and grease. • Lubricate wheel studs with standard viscosity oil. • Tension wheel nuts for torque specifications. 1. SPECIFICATIONS - Tyre Specifications. • Check tyres are inflated. 1. SPECIFICATIONS - Tyre Specifications. • Check discs and disc bolt tension to specified torque 250ft lb / 340nm. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION - Bolt Tension. • Ensure all appropriate safety decals are securely attached to machine. 3.SAFETY INFORMATION - Safety Decal Placement. • Check hydraulic system is fully primed. 3. SAFETY INFORMATION - Hydraulic Operation & Safety - Safety Decal Placement. • Check all safety mechanisms are in place and operating correctly. • Lubricate heavy rear roller bearings. 5. MAINTENANCE - Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Fitting Instructions. • Check instruction manual has been stored with machine.


2962P Speedtiller Powerflex


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