Fore Court - November 2018

November 2018

44 Cray Street, Cumberland, RI 02864


Thank You for Being Part of the Club

and facilities have maintained their value over the years despite the passage of time because we’ve adapted to enhance our members’ experiences and added services as members ask for them. My father set a member-focused purpose into place from the beginning, and it’s pretty amazing to say that today, many years later, the same purpose motivates and guides us. It’s the reason we’re here — for our members. From the fitness side of it, we keep our club open 18 hours a day, and almost every day of the year but four holidays. This building doesn’t get much of a break! We want to be here for you when you want to get a workout in, go to your favorite Les Mills class, or just meet up with your group of friends for a match and some quality time together in the lounge afterward. Who are we to turn you away? Your membership means that you’ve committed to your health and well- being, and we want to help you uphold that commitment to yourself. Through the holidays, we’ll be here, so come say hello, bring a friend, and know that I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for being part of what makes this place great.

whose owners I’ve known for years, closed their doors or were sold. One of the facilities that closed last year was built in 1978 and had been in business for 40 years. Another athletic club in Newport was also in business for around 40 years. The owner of the Newport club is a great friend of mine, and it was hard to see him say goodbye to the work he’d dedicated himself to. He ran a very good club, and I know it was a tough decision. When a club closes, we don’t just lose another business; we lose part of the community. There are that many fewer racquetball and fitness clubs in Rhode Island. A building is brought to life by the people who spend time inside it, and it becomes something special for the people who visit them every day. That’s what our club has been for me. Fore Court is where I grew up, where I watched my dad build a tennis and racquetball facility for the community, where I’ve spent time with some of my closest friends, and even where I met my wife! This place means a lot to me, and I’m reminded of that every time I walk through the doors. In Fore Court’s 45th season, I’m thankful we’ve had good fortune and made the choice to stay true to who we’ve been from the beginning — a family-owned and family-operated club. Our programs

I want to take a moment to focus on gratitude this month, and more specifically how grateful I am for all our members. It’s because of your support that we get to offer facilities and activities with world-class instructors and trainers. I am thankful to you for making this your go-to place to meet friends for a game of tennis, to those of you who choose our club to get healthier, and to the parents out there who pass on the gift of fitness to their children. I appreciate all of you. The people who come through these doors make this place great. Isn’t it amazing to think that your dedication to your health and fitness keeps this place running? In the last year, seeing other local facilities go through changes makes me feel especially grateful for our dedicated members and the stability we’ve had. I’ve watched sadly as other longtime facilities,

Have a happy Thanksgiving,

-Dave Morin

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