PDF Guidelines

PDF Guidelines Recommendations for the creation of PDF files for long-term preservation and access


Judith Rog (judith.rog@kb.nl) Koninklijke Bibliotheek (http://www.kb.nl) Digitale Duurzaamheid (digitalpreservation@kb.nl)

Current version


Change history

1.7 Updated current Adobe Acrobat version, minor textual changes 1.6 Correction on XMP metadata 1.5, October 2006, Added notes onPDF/A-1 conformance levels and some info on uncalibrated colour spaces.

1.4, July 2006, Minor textual changes 1.3, June 2006, Minor textual changes 1.2, June 2006, Changes in lay-out 1.1, May 2006, Minor textual changes 1.0, May 2006, First version



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