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Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend A Trip Down Memory Lane With David 205 West Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08360 • 1040 Kings Highway North, Ste. 304, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 March 2020 856-696-8300

I met my best friend, David Moskowitz, at Norma Beach when I was 4 years old. It was the summer of 1953, and against all odds, the two of us — both Jewish, both born in Germany after WWII, both the only sons of survivors of Hitler’s Holocaust — ended up playing in the New Jersey sand at the very same time. If I had the capacity at 4, I might have realized right then that we were destined to be friends. As it was, after spending time together once or twice that summer, we didn’t meet again until the first day of classes at the Jewish Day School. In those days, the school was small, so instead of a bus, a large taxi came to collect us. When it trundled up to my family’s chicken farm, I opened the door to see David sitting in “Not only did his help make my office more efficient, but I also got to work with my best friend every day. Life doesn’t get much better than that.”

the back seat. I remember clearly how I felt my heart lift at that moment — it was my friend from the beach! We were both so happy to see each other, and from that day on, we were constant companions. David had a great personality. He was sociable and outgoing, with a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to put anyone at ease. We stuck by each other all through Jewish Day School and then studied together for our bar mitzvahs when we turned 13. In the Jewish tradition, that’s the moment a boy becomes a man, and he then has a choice: go to New York City to yeshiva and continue Jewish studies or go to public school. David and I both picked public school, and it was the first of many milestones we shared in life. David and I watched the very first Super Bowl together after graduating high school, and although we went to separate colleges, we stayed in constant touch. I was the best man at David’s first wedding, and when he got divorced in the late ‘70s, I was by his side for that, too. Every month, I drove 2 1/2 hours from southern New Jersey to northern New Jersey to visit him. Thanks to one of those visits, I even introduced David to his second wife, a lovely friend of mine, Rose. This was long before the era of cellphones, so when I went up to David’s, I would put a message on my answering machine to let anyone who called know they could reach me at his number. One weekend when I arrived, David said a woman named Rose had called for me. That got me thinking — Rose and David were about the same age, they were both nice people, and they were both single …maybe I could hook them up! When I got back home, I started talking to Rose about David, really

building him up. She was interested, but they lived three hours apart, so we came up with a plan: Rose would call David again and ask for me, even though she knew I wasn’t there! She did, and they ended up talking for hours. They talked almost every night for a full three months before they met in person and were married just a few months after that. David adopted Rose’s two boys, and they had two more children together — it was a beautiful story, and I loved seeing them both so happy. David and I knew each other for 67 years (and even lived together for some of them), but we were never closer than we were this past decade. That’s because after David retired from his job as an accountant, he got tired of being retired and joined me at the office. I taught him the basics of bankruptcy law, and he started coming in every day assisting me with new client intakes. Many of our clients hired David to prepare their tax returns. No matter how nervous someone was, David could put them at ease with a few words and a good laugh. Not only did his help make my office more efficient, but I also got to work with my best friend every day. Life doesn’t get much better than that.


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