2940F 2965F 3PL Folding Wing Operator Safety Manual

S P E E D T I L L E R S TA R T - U P T I P S

THIS IS A GUIDE ONLY AND MUST BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PARTS & ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION MANUAL 1) DEPTH CONTROL • Start by setting roller 40mm higher than discs on level service. • Ensure wing roller heights are set the same. ( Folding wing models only)

2) TILT ADJUSTMENT (SETTING TO REDUCE SIDEWAYS TRACKING) • Start with front disc 20mm higher than back discs. • Follow diagram for tilt settings. pg 25 • To adjust, turn top link and lock.

Tracking Left

Tracking Right

Front disc too high

Front disc too low

Figure 23


4) SPEED RANGE • 8-15km/hr. (5.9mph) • Greater activity occurs at higher speeds. HEADLANDS/ TURNING • Always raise machine when on headlands and when turning.

WING LIFT CYLINDER LEVEL ADJUSTMENT (FOLDING WING MODEL) (See figure 24 to adjust) • Fully extend wings And lower machine to ground level • Release hydraulic pressure And remove pin • Loosen rod end couplings and rotate to desired setting • Tension locking screws on couplings • Insert and secure pins • Perform test run and check for even working depth. Figure 24

Wing lift Cylinder Level Adjustment

Locking Screws

Cylinder Pin

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