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I t has been a really eventful start to spring for the Campbell family! It seems with all the great things happening at the Campbell Wealth Management office, I haven’t had a chance to share what’s been going on in the lives of my family. So, let’s catch up a bit! My wife, Kim, is hard at work on the third book of her Triple Crown trilogy. She published the first book, “The Calm Before the Storm,” back in 2015. Then in 2017, she released “Eye of the Storm.” Now, part three is on the horizon. Carter If you aren’t familiar with the books, each one features a leg of the Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. This final book of the trilogy will feature the Belmont Stakes. A lot of people have been asking for updates, and I can tell you, Kim is getting close to getting her exciting

recruiting 19 pitchers with seven lefties, which severely limited his chance to play. As a result, Connor is looking at other Division I schools. He wants to be on a team where he can make an impact. As much as

I know he wanted to play for Maryland, he’s kept his head up. I know he’ll find a great opportunity, and I’m excited to see where he lands. Carter, my middle son, is back in action with Sunset Slush Italian Ice. He’s busier than ever. This year, he has several events lined up, and he’s adding more to his calendar just about every week. He’s going to have a busy summer, for sure. What really impresses me is Carter’s initiative.

He’s really taken to the business side of things, and he’s following in his dad’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Codie, my youngest and only daughter, has taken a leave of absence from horseback riding. Kim, as a horseback riding enthusiast, isn’t the most excited about this

story wrapped up. I’ll keep you posted as I hear firm details about the book’s release.


Connor, my oldest son, is in the middle of planning


his future. He didn’t have much luck at the

University of Maryland. He was up against some tough competition. He had wanted to play baseball for Maryland, but they ended up

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