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he next step in the non-per- forming note (NPN) process

of debt. The NPN is the nucleus of real estate investing, Become the Bank™ is the Road to Wealth. eValuation 360°© Process:

to manage the investing process, but it takes time, due diligence, building relationships, and gather- ing a team. Next Step The implementation of the Model of 10™ as previously published is the post-side of the note purchase; now the ROI begins. The non-performing note is the nucleus for all real estate invest- ing in distressed product and es- sentially is the beginning process to all distressed properties. As the investor, you become self-suffi- cient in creating other real estate models, all the while building long-term wealth. •

is to evaluate before buying: The eValuation 360°©Process of NPNs is the process prior to paying for the Note. It begins working with a reliable source of NPNs: servicer, small bank, and/or NPN wholesal- er. Decide your buying criteria UPB (unpaid balance). As an example, if the UPB is $100,000, what is your buy rate 10%, 20%, 50% discount? What type of loan should you con- sider? A conventional mortgage, CFD (contract for deed) VA, FHA, or HECM (Reverse Mortgage). The interest rate is also consideration of buying; it is part of the six steps in getting the Note re-performing. The last and most important consider- ation is your objective once the note is purchased. Do you get the note re-performing, foreclose, or deed- in-lieu? This established objective will structure the above options. Whether it is 1 or 101, the eval- uation process is the same, even if you are looking at buying any kind


· Servicer · Note wholesaler · Regional or local bank

Establish Buying Criteria

Objective Once Purchased · Re-perform · Deed-in-lieu · Foreclose Purchase Model · UPB (unpaid balance) · Market Value

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Interest Rate

Loan Type

In the non-performing note in- dustry, the investor has the ability

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