Note: This does not necessarily apply on a mi- cro-scale to multifamily residential developments, which benefit from some degree of enclosure in order to create a neighborhood or community feel. This char- acteristic is more important when viewing an entire community development project that includes housing, retail, green space, office space, etc. OPTIONS The terms “walkability” and “bikeability” are no lon- ger exclusively reserved for investors interested in at- tracting a young, “hip,” single and professional crowd. Today, more and more residents and homeowners say the benefits associated with living in a walkable area, such as lower crime rates and better resident health, are important to them and worth paying higher prices for. Even better, there are a number of public grants NO. 3 SOUND WALKABILITY AND BIKEABILITY

and environmental tax incentives available to investors and developers whose deals contribute to the overall walkability and bikeability of an area. Many investors make the mistake of completely ignoring community development in their local areas because they believe they are not a “big fish” in their real estate market. Your real estate portfolio can benefit from effective com- munity development just as much as that of a hedge fund or national developer and, furthermore, your projects may qualify for community-development incentives more often than you think. Never count yourself out without doing the research first. Your portfolio will thank you. •

The 4 th Annual MIDDLE-MARKET MULTIFAMILY FORUM (Southeast) November 18-19, 2019 Atlanta, GA

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