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4 Trends You Should Consider for Your Next Multifamily Investment

T oday’s renters are more dis- cerning than ever. Environmen- tally conscious Millennials, GenX- ers who need flexible space with room for multiple generations, and Baby Boomers tired of clutter all have specific needs in mind when seeking their next “home sweet home.” Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your next multifamily investment. by Michael Miller, CMO, 5arch 1. Open, Flexible Floor Plans to Accommodate the Needs of Today’s Families Even partial renovations to exist- ing multifamily properties can add major appeal, specifically ones that accommodate flexible spaces to gather and entertain. A kitchen with an island overlooking a family room and a dining room to the side can help everyone feel closer. Pocket doors and other movable partitions can instantly transform a space, creating partitions as needed. 2. Form, Function, and Accessibility That Blend with the Architecture Embrace what architects call “universal design” to make rent- al units easier to navigate. Wide hallways, handrails on stairs, solid wood floors with no saddles be- tween rooms, and–once again–open floor plans blend in with a property’s architecture while making it friendly to multigenerational families.

3. Green Construction Creates Healthier Spaces Avoid synthetic materials, toxic, fume-producing glues, plastics, and laminates wherever possible. Look into reclaimed wood and en- vironmentally-friendly insulation. In addition, large, south-facing windows that let in natural light are eco-friendly, while reducing heating and lighting costs. Choose no-VOC paints, recycled glass, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and bamboo floors. Lastly, adding smart thermostats, lighting, and appliances are affordable ways to make a rental more eco-friendly and appealing to buyers. 4. Municipal Public Use Facilities in Common Areas Help Investors Take Advantage of Tax Abatement Some cities and municipalities offer tax breaks for introducing multifamily homes into mixed-use commercial buildings or for certain property improvements in areas undergoing revitalization. Your investment may also qualify for tax abatement if you convert a common area into some- thing the whole community can enjoy, such as a performing arts center, youth center, or senior day care. Trends, or Time-tested Solutions? From an investor’s point of view, finding creative ways to implement

these solutions can result in higher rental prices without a substantial increase in building or reno costs. • 5arch (NMLS ID # 1039184) makes and acquires business purpose loans only and does not originate or acquire owner oc- cupied residential mortgage loans. 5arch does not provide tax, legal or investment advice. The information provided herein is informational only and does not consti- tute tax, legal or investment advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and investment advisors before entering into any transaction. Ready to take your multifamily property investments to the next level? Borrow Better SM with 5arch: Connect via email (, or call 833-488-7393.

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SINGLE FAMILY RENTAL → Loan amounts from $75k-$20m

MULTIFAMILY → Loan amounts from $500k-$20m → Rates as low as 6.75% / 8.847% APR 3 → LTV up to 80% of purchase price → Max % of Rehabilitation up to 80% LINES OF CREDIT → Loan amounts from $75k-$5m → APR’s as low as 8% 4 → LTV up to 85% of purchase price → Set Fee Option or Volume-based pricing GROUND UP CONSTRUCTION → Loan amounts from $100k - $20m property → Rates as low as 9.25% / 11.150% APR 5

→ Rates as low as 3.74% / 3.961% APR 1 → LTV up to 65% I/O or 75% Amortized → 5, 7, 10, or 30-year loan term → 60 Day Rate Lock → Business Purpose Loans → Borrower Experience Required → Guarantor: Recourse and Non-Recourse, IRA, and Foreign Nationals BRIDGE LOANS → Loan amounts from $100k-$5m → Rates as low as 6.99% / 8.910% APR 2 → LTV up to 85% of purchase price → Max % of Rehabilitation up to 100%

→ LTV up to 65% as is land value → Max % of Construction up to 85%

Michael Miller serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of 5arch and is also one of its principals. His past experience included positions as CMO of Epsilon

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Agency Services and managing director of Catapult Marketing. He also co-founded Hyper Marketing, which was later acquired by Epsilon. Miller has developed global marketing platforms across numerous brands, including JPMorgan Chase, Union Bank, Wells Fargo, Google, Intel, GM, The Home Depot, Lennar, and Tishman Speyer.

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