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Superglass Insulation. The intelligent choice for energy efficient buildings.

We are all living in challenging times. Energy costs and the effects of global

warming remain high on the political agenda and the need to create energy efficient homes has never been greater. As one of the UK’s leading insulation manufacturers we are making a big difference by developing and manufacturing products which significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and therefore harmful CO 2 emissions. Our commitment to this cause starts right here in Scotland, with a manufacturing facility which is one of the most efficient in Europe. I’m immensely proud that Superglass is making a difference, not just for this generation but for future generations too. Theresa McLean | CEO Superglass Insulation

We’re dedicated to making tomorrow better.

Superglass insulation is at the heart of building more sustainable homes. And sustainability has always been at the heart of Superglass. It’s been built into our business from day one, and is central to what we do. But being truly sustainable is about more than just doing the right thing, it’s about thinking differently too. Climate positive thinking While other businesses might talk about being carbon or climate neutral, we go a step further. For us, being sustainable isn’t just about cancelling out the effect we have on the planet, but about looking at the bigger picture, at how we can do things better to reduce our impact and at how our products and our processes can have a positive effect on the climate. So in every way, at every step, our approach is to find new solutions that are better for our products, better for us and better for the world around us. And it all starts with the raw materials we use.

Environmental accreditations. Superglass insulation has been environmentally audited and accredited by leading national and international standards, so you can be confident when specifying, selling or installing our products.

Green Guide rating of A+

No. 000371 & 000372

Repurposing waste to create intelligent environments.

Why glass mineral wool?

Glass mineral wool isn’t just the ideal insulation choice for its environmental advantages, but for its many other properties too. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, and so is classed as an insulator; it’s also relatively easy to spin into fibres, which then trap another excellent insulator – air – to give the glass mineral wool outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Superglass insulation is made from glass mineral wool material that contains no ozone-depleting or greenhouse gases giving it a Global Warming Potential of less than 5 (methane, for example, has a GWP as high as 56). Better still, all our glass wool insulation is made from up to 84% recycled materials, reducing waste and saving valuable resources. In fact, in 2023 we recycled around 42,000 tonnes of waste glass to make Superglass products. We also grade the materials so we can reduce the amount of energy used in production. So, Superglass insulation is already making a positive environmental contribution, even before it goes through our exceptionally advanced manufacturing process.

Glass cullet. The raw material used to make Superglass products

1 Raw materials go into the silos, up to 84% of which is recycled glass. 2 Our advanced melting and fiberizing processes use 35% less energy and emits 37% less carbon compared to seven years ago. 3 Fiberizing process spins the molten glass into thin fibres. 4 The fibres are then formed into the finished insulating material. 5 The insulation is cut to size, with any waste recycled back into the system. 6 The product is compression-packed to one-ninth of its original volume. 7 Products are palletised, with the maximum amount of product on each pallet. 8 Our dedicated fleet of efficient vehicles delivers our products nationwide.

Manufacturing that makes a difference.

Raw Materials go in silos 1

Melting furnace 2

Fiberizing process 3

Product forming process 4

Our manufacturing facility in Stirling, Scotland is equally dedicated to making a positive environmental contribution. Benefiting from one of the biggest investments the insulation sector has seen in recent years, it’s one of the most advanced insulation manufacturing plants in Europe. We use lean production techniques making insulation to order, rationalising the raw materials we use, and minimising waste. In fact, we apply ‘wasteless’ principles to everything we do, using the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption and maximise the secondary use of resources.

Product cutting 5

8 Dedicated fleet of vehicles deliver Superglass products to a nationwide network of merchants and distributors

Packaging 6


Products Paletised

Production to protect the environment Fully certified to ISO14001 standards, our production facilities minimise the energy used in the melting process, with water on a closed circuit to reduce freshwater consumption and to avoid the discharge of dirty water to the sewer systems. Any fibre waste is also recycled straight back into the system.

Sustainability, all wrapped up.

Delivering our environmental aims. While compression-packing doesn’t affect the insulation’s installed thickness, it does mean we can maximise the material per pack and per pallet, so less storage space is needed and more can be loaded onto each delivery – reducing the number of trucks on the road and hence delivery miles and carbon emissions. Our highly efficient logistics network takes our products directly to strategically located distributors across the country too, putting our insulation closer to where it’s needed – and reducing delivery miles even further.

Our advanced production facility is just one half of our sustainability story; our packaging and distribution methods are just as efficient and geared towards reducing our environmental impact. Once the material has been produced, we use the latest compression-packing techniques to reduce the highly flexible insulation to one-ninth of its original volume, in recyclable packaging which contains 30% post consumer / industrial waste.

The smartest way to use energy is not to use it at all. Of course, the biggest contribution we make to sustainability comes from our wide range of products themselves. Superglass insulation saves energy in use, helping buildings retain heat, creating more comfortable environments. In fact, research has shown that over its lifetime, glass mineral wool insulation typically saves up to 200* times the energy used in making and transporting it. Compared with other, more rigid types of insulation, Superglass glass mineral wool has the flexibility to snugly fit into every space heat can escape from, so its thermal performance reduces energy bills in every part of a building – ideal alongside heating systems that use renewable technologies, such as air and ground source heat pumps, which can only work efficiently in well-insulated buildings.

All Superglass products contain THINKTECH

THINKTECH is the way we describe our approach and it’s what makes Superglass different. It’s all about taking recycled glass and improved fibre technology and combining them with our advanced glass chemistry expertise to produce our best-performing insulation ever. Our latest generation products look better, smell better, feel better, compress further and recover faster – thanks to our new state of the art furnace and advanced processing equipment.

Perfect with renewable energy systems THINKTECH recognises that insulation is just part of the environmental equation too. Many homes are built with the latest ultra- efficient renewable energy technologies, but those expensive systems are of little value if the energy they produce simply escapes into the atmosphere. That’s where Superglass and THINKTECH come in, wrapping the building envelope to maximise energy efficiency and minimise carbon emissions and household bills.

*Estimates based on insulating a gas-heated home with a totally uninsulated loft (0mm) to one with 270mm of Superglass loft insulation.

Once in place, Superglass insulation carries on working for the life of the building – with no maintenance or intervention needed. Hard-working insulation that works . Whatever the type of property, Superglass insulation is quick and easy to fit, reducing on-site build time and cost. It also helps to meet ever-more stringent Building Regulations easily. In terms of fire protection, Superglass products have been given a Reaction to Fire A1 (non-combustible) when tested to BS EN 13501-1 – the highest possible rating. And by absorbing sound energy, glass mineral wool improves the acoustic performance of walls, floors and roofs and restricts noise transfer within a structure, between two buildings or to the outside world. It also reduces condensation inside buildings, preventing the build-up of harmful moulds. In other words, you can rely on Superglass insulation to help create a warm, quiet and comfortable environment in any building – while also helping to reduce energy use and look after the environment we all share.


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