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Controlling Our Own Future Why I Started The Sharp Firm

The year was 1992, and I was 30 years old. Laura and I were newlyweds and didn’t have kids yet, so I thought if I was going to start my own firm, this was the time to do it. I had years of experience under my belt and was ready to take control of my own future. Even in those first few months when I was learning to run a law office, I found it incredibly satisfying to represent people who needed help. I chose to focus on personal injury law because that was my specialty at the attorney general’s office, and I liked the work from the start. It’s rewarding to represent people, and every case provides closure for my clients. We get to see their ordeal come to an end together. Those shared victories make me proud and excited to come into the office every day. Once we’d gotten our family started, Laura joined me at The Sharp Firm — it just made sense for us to work together and set our own schedules. When I’m not at the office, I like to check out the Austin music scene, the arts, the outdoors, and UT football (we’ve had season tickets forever). For Laura’s part, she always has a project in the works. She loves getting things done, and she’s very active in the local, state, and national bar, presently sitting on the board of governors for the American Bar Association. Spending so much time together might not work for every couple, but after more than three decades, Laura and I have it down. We try to separate our home life from the office, but in reality, we’re mulling our

Sometimes, my wife, Laura, wakes me up at 2 a.m. to talk about work. While some husbands might complain, I’ve adjusted to it over the last 30 years. It’s just one of many little things you get used to when your spouse is also your law partner. Laura and I have been working together since 1997 when she left her position as an attorney for an insurance defense firm and joined me at my own practice. For more than two decades, we’ve worked personal injury law cases side by side, both in the office and in the courtroom. At the same time, we raised two wonderful kids and sent them off to college. It has been an adventure I wouldn’t trade for anything. I wanted to be a lawyer from the beginning. For proof, look no further than my high school yearbook where I identified my desire to become a criminal defense lawyer. I knew even back then I wanted to be part of the legal system rather than be outside, looking in. My route from high school to head of my own law firm was winding. I became a prosecutor straight out of law school and went to work for the Texas attorney general’s office where I first fell into personal injury law and tried my hand at tort litigation. Next, I worked as an insurance defense attorney for an insurance firm before striking out on my own and starting The Sharp Firm. All of this prior experience gave me better insight into dealing with the other side in a lawsuit.

cases and discussing strategy 24/7. Even if we’re on vacation, it’s nice to know she’s there to talk if something work related pops into my mind. We both tackle all kinds of cases and often go to trial together. I specialize in personal injury, auto accidents, and serious personal injury cases while Laura usually handles medical and dental malpractice work. Our goal is to leverage our collective experience to give our clients the best possible representation. It’s work we plan to continue for years to come!

“Even in those first few months when I was learning to run a law office, I found it incredibly satisfying to represent people who needed help.”

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