Visiting Angels August 2017

August 2017

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Body, Mind, and Soul I once heard a story about a man who, at 69 years old, was working as a college teaching assistant. One day, the professor said to him, “You know this subject as well as I do. Why don’t you teach this class?” What Does It Mean to Be Happy?

Being social and having friends and family in the community is important for emotional health. The man in the story found happiness

“I’m 69 years old!” the man responded. “I don’t know if I can.” But the professor was right. The man spent years in that classroom and knew the course by heart. With some help from the college, he tracked down 40-year- old transcripts and became a professor himself. Doing what he loved gave him a renewed sense of vitality, and he spent the next 18 years teaching. A friend once asked me, “If you could have anything in life, what would it be?” I said that the most important thing is good health, because when you’re healthy, you can enjoy all the other things in life. To me, this includes your emotional, physical, and spiritual state. All three of these elements tie together, and when we aren’t taking care of one area, the others can suffer. Many of Visiting Angels’ care recipients face physical challenges or chronic health conditions, but that makes it even more important for them to get out and move. Our caregivers are great at helping them find activities to enjoy. Sometimes it’s something simple, like taking a morning walk or doing chair yoga. Other times, caregivers might look beyond the home and help find classes at local senior centers. We have caregivers who drive their care recipients to Zumba, water aerobics, line dancing, and other activities where they can exercise and be social.

through teaching. Others may do it through volunteer work. Maintaining spiritual health is

also vital, whether through attending church services or doing meditation at home. Being emotionally and spiritually fit can provide the strength to take care of oneself physically. Seniors may tend to sit and watch TV all day, because they think, “I’m too old to do anything else!” I don’t believe age is ever a factor when it comes to experiencing life. We only stop finding joy in life when we stop taking care of ourselves. Make sure you’re putting your health first, in whatever way you can, and help contribute to the happiness in your life.


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