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June 2020

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And Other Things My Dad Passed On to Me My dad was a woodworker in his spare time, like my granddad and my great-granddad before him. He would whittle away at and mill, just so my grandma could stay home and care for my dad and

Father’s Day this year will

probably look a lot like it has in recent years. I’ll spend some time relaxing on the couch. My wife might get me

his three siblings. My dad perceived how important it was to his dad that he work hard to provide for his family, and

tinker with different projects — and he would always whistle while he worked. It’s funny; the woodshop was the only place where he ever whistled while he worked. As a kid, I used to go to my dad’s and my granddad’s woodshops and watch them work. I was in there so often that eventually, they set me up with a little woodworking bench of my own so I could tinker around right alongside them. While I’m not as serious about it as my dad was, I still do some woodworking today. One of my good friends has a woodshop I can borrow if I need it, and a couple years ago, I built an entertainment center to house our TV for my wife. I still whistle while I work, just like Dad did, but not while I’m woodworking. I whistle while I work with patients at the office, which has sometimes led me to refer to it as my “woodshop.” Dads pass a lot of their personality on to their sons. Sometimes, it’s just little things, like whistling while you work or an interest in woodworking. Other times, it’s bigger things, like putting God first in life or understanding the value of a hard day’s work. When my dad was growing up, my granddad worked 16-hour days at the

that work ethic stayed with my dad, who then passed it on to me.

a card and cook me a good dinner. The U.S. Open golf tournament is usually on during Father’s Day, but I doubt it will

Luckily, my dad didn’t have to

work 16-hour days to support us. He had time to spend with me and my sibling

be this year, for reasons that need no explanation. They might

throughout the year. I have fond memories of Christmas mornings, where he was up long

have some highlights from previous years’ tournaments though, so maybe I’ll watch that instead. On top of all of that, I’ll remember all the ways that my dad influenced me as a father and a person. I hope that influence never goes away.

before everyone else was awake, making sure everything was perfect. He was always in such a good mood on Christmas. He especially loved singing the carols. I also learned to play golf and how to cast a fishing line from my dad. Summers were full of days out on the golf course and fishing as a family in the Chesapeake Bay Reservoir, when we still lived in Richmond, and at several state parks in South Carolina after we moved.

–Dr. Chris Garner

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