APEGA Strategic Plan


CURRENT PULSE We are facing extraordinary change in this era of global economies and global practice. The increased pace of emerging technologies and disciplines, a changing regulatory landscape (e.g., work that is outsourced to other jurisdictions but implemented in Alberta), and shifting demographics all present challenges of which we must stay mindful. For APEGA to perform our role effectively, we need to demonstrate our commitment to upholding the standards of a strong, credible, yet compassionate regulator while safeguarding the public. We must strive for excellence with rigorous and regular reviews of our regulatory operations. WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE • We ensure the compliance of registrants by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing qualifications and professional standards. • We protect the public from unlicensed practice of engineering and geoscience and unauthorized use of our professional titles. • We equip registrants with the understanding of their ethical and regulatory obligations, and the tools to practise within the framework of self-regulation. • We recognize and address emerging issues affecting our professions and our ability to self-regulate.

Strategic Priority 1 REGULATORY EXCELLENCE As a leader in self-regulation, our systems are robust, proactive, and responsive, ensuring the protection of the public and the compliance of our registrants.


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