Where traditional lenders fear to tread others see demand. Private lenders — individuals and organizations which make investment real estate loans to borrowers who otherwise cannot get financing — are looking for a bigger share of the marketplace. And they seem to be getting it, according to an analysis of fix-and-flip lenders in 2017 compared to 2016. The biggest challenge most real estate investors face is finding investment properties, argues Ross Hamilton, CEO at Connected Investors, a social network for real estate investors. But investors — and other home buyers and sellers — now have choices thanks to tech innovations that have opened the door for alternatives to listing properties on the MLS through an agent. P10 MY TAKE: TECH AND BIG DATA DISRUPT THE REAL ESTATE INVESTING STATUS QUO Likely.AI is an artificial intelligence platform that is specifically designed for the real estate industry, and CEO and co-founder Brad McDaniel explains how the company is leveraging hundreds of millions of property records along with demographic data and macro market trend data to predict with 70 percent accuracy when a homeowner is going to list their property within the next 180 days. P14 CLIENT CORNER: PREDICTING INTENT IN REAL ESTATE WITH DATA-POWERED AI A closer look at how home affordability plays out in the top markets with population departing and the top markets with population arriving, according to 2017 net migration data from the Census bureau. Spoiler alert: people are moving to markets that tend to be more affordable with stronger wage growth and moving from markets that are either absurdly high-priced or have weak wage growth. P21 BIG DATA SANDBOX: HOME AFFORDABILITY IN BIGGEST ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE MARKETS ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed 449 U.S. counties for potential single family rental returns in 2018 to help real estate investors identify the best places for buying single family rentals this year. View potential rental returns along with fair market rental trends, median home price trends, investment property vacancy rates and property tax rates in any of these 449 counties using our interactive heat map. P22 DATA IN ACTION: THE BEST COUNTIES FOR BUYING SINGLE FAMILY RENTALS





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