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From the Chair

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Forward Motion . We are excited to have this new opportunity to communicate our news and developments with our extended commu- nity. An alumnus recently asked me what has been happen- ing with the Department of Physical Therapy since his completing the educational program 7 years ago. I found it difficult to begin to explain all the accomplishments and activities related to our tri- fold mission of excellence in teaching and learning, dis- covering and applying knowl- edge in research and crea- Indiana University has supported an accredited physical therapy educational program on the aca- demic health center campus since 1959. Accreditation is the process by which an organization evalu- ates and recognizes a program of study as meeting certain predeter- mined qualifications or standards. The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) is the accrediting body for physical therapy education and reviews programs on 10-year cycles.

tive activity, and demonstrat- ing compassionate service in civic engagement. This newsletter is our effort to communicate the thrilling journey and outcomes of the efforts. Our doctorate in physical therapy educational program has been a tremendous suc- cess thanks to the efforts and expertise of our faculty and the diligence and profes- sionalism of our students. We are proud of every one of the graduates and we are delighted by the reports we are receiving from their em- ployers and colleagues. Al- ready IU DPTs are making The Department of Physical Ther- apy has been preparing for the renewal of our accreditation this entire year. The accreditation process requires the department submit a self-study report that provides CAPTE with all the appli- cable information to demonstrate that the educational program ful- fills all requirements. We submit- ted this report in September. An onsite review team will visit November 12th-15th to meet with faculty, staff, clinical educa-

laudable contributions to the profession. Still, some of our students, faculty, and activities de- serve special mention. This semiannual newsletter is our way to share the excitement. For more regular IU Depart- ment of Physical Therapy news, please check our web- site: . We hope that the newsletter will help develop our physical therapy community that in- cludes all constituents. Lisa Riolo PhD, PT, NCS tors, students, alumni, and admin- istrators to see the environment and observe how the program works. The review team will sub- mit a report to the CAPTE board for review at an April 2007 meet- ing and the CAPTE board will provide feedback to the depart- ment in May, 2007.

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