PT of Melissa: Effective Hip and Knee Pain Relief

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EFFECTIVE HIP & KNEE PAIN RELIEF Move Freely Again Without Any Pain!

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What Can Physical Therapy Do to Help? Physical therapy is not a one-stop cure-all for pain management. This is a long-termsolution topainandsuffering through theuseof targetedexercises andstretching techniques thataredesigned tostrengthen the targetedareas and help the body recover and heal. By identifying the exact points on the body that are not moving as they ought to be, it is possible to make a plan to increase flexibility, motion, strength and even improve coordination. Your hips and knees are essential to everyday movement; whether you are sitting, standing, walking or running, you need your hips and knees in great shape. Sometimes, when your hips and knees are in pain, it can cause you to change the way that you are moving, causing you to change the flow and pace of your gait, which is the way that you walk. Other times, prolonged pain can cause you to stop doing movements that are indicative of healthy joints. If you or someone you care about is suffering from pain, give us a call today to find how treatment will target the exact source of the problem.

(continued from outside) There is an endless list of reasons as to why knee or hip pain may develop, from a slip or fall-related accident to a sports injury or even a car accident. Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late! When an injury develops, seeking the support of a physical therapist is the best course of action. Working with a physical therapist soon after an injury developscanhelp reduceyour recovery timeand improveyourability tocope with the pain and discomfort by introducing you to targeted exercises and stretching techniques thatcanenhanceyourability torecoverfrom the injury. When you are dealing with a hip or knee injury, every step requires more effort than typical. This can really drain your energy level as you attempt to go about doing even basic tasks, such as taking care of your home or walking around the office.

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