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Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Over five decades ago, Eaz-Lift

Eaz-Lift Bolt Shank

Bolt Pack Bolt Package for adjustable trunion ball mount. 710740 48101 For Adjustable Trunnion Ball Mount

Used in either the up or down position to match the ball mount to any coupler height. Fits 2" x 2" receiver. 2-1/2" Drop, 5-1/2" Rise. 741010 48132 10" Length, 9-1/2" Drop, Low Shank 710712 48130 10" Length, 5-3/4" Drop, 8-3/4” Shank 741011 48131 12” Length, 8-3/4" Drop, 5-3/4” Shank 710700 48120 10" Length, 2-1/2" Drop, 5-1/2" Rise, 2-1/2" Shank


became the first patented weight distributing system in North America. Designed with


fewer parts, machine tapered round spring steel bars, and forged longer for a smoother ride with interchangeable bars that have positive latching action for operation. Eaz-lift has a broad selection of weight distributing hitches that include bolt- together ball mounts that are completely adjustable for changing ball heights with right and left hand sway control mounts. All necessary parts come with each hitch including hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, ball mount, shank and hitch pin, clip and bolt package for adjustable hitches. Ball is NOT included. With or without bolt together adjustable shank. 711505 48053 Maximum Vertical Hitch Capacity 1000 lb, Maximum Gross Weight Rating 10,000 lb $382.32


Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch





48122 14” Length, 2-1/2" Drop, 5-1/2" Rise, 2-1/2" Shank

Balances weight between trailer and tow vehicle. Creates smoother ride. Keeps tow vehicle level. Minimizes fishtailing. Durable black powder coated finish. Rugged steel construction. Tapered roundd bar design. Adjustable Hy Low shank provided. 740480 35-946226 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch - 1000 lbs $279.10 740481 35-946227 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch - 1400 lbs $286.62


710710 48123 16” Length, 2-1/2" Drop, 5-1/2" Rise, 2-1/2" Shank

Hitch Grip This revolutionary tool make lifting, carrying and attaching your trailer hitch assembly fast, safe and easy! You will keep your clothes clean and never strain your back again. 711405 HG-712 Hitch Grip

Trekker Integral

Sway Hitch Eaz-Lift's Trekker hitch is


Ultra Round Bar Complete

designed with adaptive sway technology. Sway resistance is instant when driving on the highway. Trekker reacts and increases resistance as needed when challenged with wind gusts and passing trucks. When taking sharper turns or tight maneuvering where sway control is unnecessary, Trekker disengages sway for improved handling. 711512 48703 Trekker Hitch Adaptive Sway WD, 1000-lb (W/high-low shank) $734.99 711514 48704 Trekker Hitch Adaptive Sway WD, 1200-lb (W/high-low shank) $812.86 Ball Mount Kit For Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitches.Includes Ball Mount, 10" Hi- Low Shank, and Bolt Package. For 550, 750, 1000, 1400 lbs. 740012 48110 Bolt-Together Ball Mount Kit $245.21

Friction Sway Control

Includes sway control and hitch ball. 740455 35-946235 Ultra Weight/ Sway Kit - 750 lbs 740456 35-946236 Ultra Weight/ Sway Kit - 1000 lbs 740457 35-946237 Ultra Weight/ Sway Kit - 1400 lbs


Friction sway control installs and removes easily. Removes with two spring locking pins. Heavy construction for added reliability. Friction brake


keeps trailer and tow vehicle stable. 710545 83660 Pro Series Friction Sway Control



Drop Shank

Friction Sway Control Reese friction sway control installs and two spring locking pins. Heavy construction for added reliability. Friction brake keeps trailer and tow vehicle stable. 710543 26660 Standard Friction Sway Control $204.72 removes easily. Removes with

710860 4015 Pro Eagle 8-3/4" Drop Shank $102.25 710861 4014 Pro Eagle 6-7/8" Drop Shank $101.45 710862 4013 Pro Eagle 5-5/8" Drop Shank $101.45



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