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What colour is your car? DVLA’s data also revealed, perhaps

What can you do to help protect your vehicle from thieves? •

Car theft is a distressing crime and it’s important to do all you can to prevent it happening. Setting up robust security measures to deter thieves is an obvious way to reduce your risk of car theft, and this may help reduce your insurance premium, at a time when costs are going up. It is also important to have the correct cover for your vehicle and the way you use it, so that should the worst happen you are covered. Scrutton Bland’s Private Client Insurance team understands that everyone’s lifestyle is unique, so we provide policies tailored to your own individual circumstances. Thanks to our industry knowledge and understanding of the personal insurance sector, we’ll work with you to get the right insurance for your luxury vehicles at the best possible premium. Get in touch with Natasha or one of the insurance team by calling 0330 058 6559 or email

unsurprisingly, that black cars are the most specifically targeted colour for theft, with 18,000 black cars stolen in the last twelve months. Enhanced vehicle security As vehicle security systems become more sophisticated, so are the hi-tech methods the thieves use to overcome them. Current techniques for stealing a vehicle include key cloning, or relay theft, where transmitters are used to intercept the security signal from a car and redirect it to a second transmitter which is then directed at the car. Insurers are reporting that relay transmitters are now so advanced they can clone and amplify an unlocking signal from a car key, even when they are outside a house. How will rising car theft figures affect my insurance premium? There is no doubt that the rise in vehicle thefts will have an impact on insurance premiums across the board, and especially for high value cars under five years old, which are the most desirable to thieves. Working with a specialist insurance broker such as Scrutton Bland will help, as they have the knowledge and experience to access the whole of the UK insurance market, can identify the cover you need and negotiate the best premiums for you.

Ensure you have an operational tracker on your vehicle and that the subscription is up-to-date Keep your vehicle keys in a faraday pouch to help prevent the signal being cloned Invest in an aftermarket immobiliser which will prevent the car engine from starting, even if the key signal has been cloned Keep your vehicle parked in a secure location such as a locked garage or gated area. If this isn’t possible, park in a well-lit busy area where potential thieves can be easily seen For extra security, use a steering wheel lock. A visual deterrent is sometimes enough to put off a thief, where they have just a few seconds to steal your car Don’t leave anything on display in your vehicle. It sounds obvious, but anything worth stealing which is visible will enhance its attractiveness to crooks Be careful where you keep your car keys. They shouldn’t be stored near the front or back doors, or in the garage.


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