Connected Vision News - Issue #2


JULY 2018



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY It feels like only yesterday since the first edition Newsletter was released but this second issue is a reminds us of how much has happened. There were 181 separate user clicks from Issue 1, a clear indication of the interest in the group and a desire to work together around this common brand. Over the past quarter we saw the onboarding of our New Zealand partner (Provision Technologies); the launch of the cvjoin platform; a noticeable contingent attending Infocomm in Las Vegas; workplace software training; and time spent ‘in person’ as Focus Group’s and the Executive Groupmeet and contribute to future plans. The next quarter is going to be massive with a lot of excitement building for Integrate. We will be attending Integrate as usual. But this time we’ll be exhibiting, and rebranding, and announcing a new vendor partnership, and we’ll have a global visitor! Most importantly, we’ll be sending a clear message to our customers and the industry as whole. Please read on to understand more about what’s happening. Enjoy! CONNECTED VISION REBRAND

As we grow the Connected Vision brand in the market, it is important that we see this brand developing – not just around the stories and values that we place in the brand, but also how we use the brand. As we continued to utilise the current CV brand we have come across some issues around its compatibility with different colours and backgrounds as well its connection to our story as CV. For this reason, we embarked on a journey to rethink the CV brand, and simultaneously relate it back to our story, as well as create a more user friendly graphic that works better with different backgrounds etc. The design and development of this rebrand has been proudly lead in-house by Videopro’s Marketing Manager, Matt Lynn. This logo graphic represents the connection between the group of technology solution providers from here, in Australia, and across the world. The wire and globe icons join together to reinforce this bond. It also represents technology connecting the world together as one, which is the main objective of the Connected Vision Group. The colours were chosen with versatility in mind. The medium grey and blue work on both white and black backgrounds, with a single colour version available for all your other needs. The font chosen is Raleway, which has been described as an

GLOBAL UPDATE Connected Vision spent some good time with our global partners AVI-SPL at the recent Infocomm conference. As well as having our brand on their stand, we mixed the different focus groups through the relevant AVI-SPL counterparts and had some good operational level face time. At an executive level we also had meetings with John Zettel (CEO), John Murphy elegant, modern font, and was selected as it possesses similar character traits to what’s seen in the cvjoin logo. The choice to have a similar look and feel with both logos was made so there is consistency across the brand. Integrate has become our launch platform and we will have the brand ready for this show. The goal was to create a logo that, to a person with no prior knowledge of what CV provide as a group, could put together a story similar to the message we’re trying to tell.

(COO), James Shanks (International MD) and Dale Botcher (EVP). This relationship goes from strength to strengthandcontinuestobeourmost important international partnership. New content being developedwill be AVI-SPL co-branded and our alliance will continue to be heavily leveraged and advertised.

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