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To save gas and prevent emissions, Starship Delivery robots haul to-go orders to students across Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus

Robotic Food Delivery Reduces Emissions When students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University order food on the Daytona Beach Campus, their deliveries may arrive by an unexpected

932 957 Embry-Riddle survey respondents said that sustainable building practices are important, if not very or extremely important. OUT OF

(iOS and Android) to order food and drinks to be delivered anywhere on campus, within minutes. The service works in conjunction with the student meal plan. “It’s just another example of Embry-Riddle staying at the cutting edge of science and technology,” said Associate Vice President for Facilities Kevin Kreide. “Not only do we get to add this innovative new service option, but Starship Delivery also hires many students to handle the programming and maintenance for these autonomous machines, which is a perfect fit for students in Engineering and Robotics programs.”

source – a robot. In collaboration with Starship Technologies, Embry-Riddle recently rolled out robotic food delivery services for students, becoming the first university in Florida to do so. On-demand, zero-emission deliveries are now part of the dining options offered by food service provider Sodexo, allowing students to score quick meals. Starship’s fleet includes 20 autonomous robots that delivery meals to students from 10 different campus eateries. The school’s nearly 7,000 students and faculty now use the Starship Food Delivery app

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